A good bit of marketing from Crikey – and not a bad gift idea

Dear Crikey Subscriber,

Father’s Day is fast approaching, (September 3rd for all you forgetful children) and Dads across Australia are gearing up for another round of dodgy ties, el cheapo car cleaning kits, and of course, the three-pack of Bonds undies.

Instead of going through the usual pangs of remorse as you snap up something on the way to Sunday lunch, why not surprise your Dad with a gift that they will thank you for every weekday for the next 12 months: a Crikey sub.

A subscription to Crikey is the ideal, thoughtful present for everyone from the seriously misinformed to the serious media junkie. And there’s something in it for you, besides a warm glow.

With every Father’s Day subscription, ($115 for 12 months) we’ll send out a Crikey gift card containing a bit of info about the subscription, and a link to the Crikey Top Ten – a new downloadable Crikey publication containing ten of Crikey’s most enlightening and entertaining yarns.

PLUS we’ll send you a free book for your own pleasure. Or to pass on, if you’re feeling generous. We’ve lined up six choices, including the following brand new release title:

Education of a Young Liberal, by John Hyde-Page, (Melbourne University Press, RRP $32.95) – a cracking new account of backroom politics in the NSW Liberal Party .
More info on all the book choices is available on our website.

Do your Dad a favour and hook him up to some genuinely independent media for the next 12 months. (And if you’re a Dad, why not forward this email onto your kids – they might appreciate the hint)

Fill out our gift subscription form now, or phone us on 1800 985 502.   If you feel like taking them up on their offer, email me and we’ll see if we can get a bit of a discount for you!

The Crikey Crew

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17 years ago

Timing’s everything, isn’t it?

The only book that would get me to consider subscribing (Education of a Young Liberal), I bought a couple of days ago.

To be honest, I think $115-00 is too expensive for many people including me.

Andrew Landeryou
17 years ago

Crikey is a rip off. It has become The Age Lite.

17 years ago

Sadly they didn’t do this promotion for mother’s day, when I really needed it.

17 years ago

Hmm, my dad is no longer with us

I think he would have preferred a pair of really bad socks.