New Troppo segment: Comment of the week!

I spotted a comment in the last week that I thought would be a good starter for our weekend open thread.   If I do so again in the future, there’ll be another commenter of the week.   The comment was from Cam in the thread on history education – which was itself a pretty high quality discussion (as these things go!).

Anyway feel free to take Cam’s comments further, disagree or post your own comments on the state of the world.

It also looks like the federal and state oppositions have completely collapsed. it should be state oppositions that are raising this issue. Since incumbents seem to have massive advantage in dictating the issues and media exposure, the political opposition to the states is now the federal government, not the state opposition parties. Same for the federal government, their main opposition is the states.

I think the fact that the federal government is Liberal and the states Labor coincidental. Political opposition appears to be structural rather that ideological.

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