Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Open thread, weekend reflections, that kind of thing.

  2. Chris Lloyd says:

    Great win from the Demons. Hope the Maggies win tomorrow. What a tragedy that these two teams will almost certainly not have a chance to play off for the VFL premiership. This is the main obscenity of the artificial AFL charade. Victoria (and no other state) was required to sacrifice its local competition.

  3. Chris Lloyd says:

    …….”Looks like there are too many intersting posts to bother with an open thread. I’m off to check the Club Faggot II thread – which amazingly is still going.

  4. sean fitz says:

    Votng in the Queensland election was a depressing exercise.

    The Beattie administration is one that has held power for too long and the embarrassing ineptitude of the opposition reinforces the arrogance of invincibility that permeates the government.

    In the circumstances a protest vote for the Greens gave me little satisfaction.

  5. vee says:

    I have a question but let me preface it.

    I don’t condone the terms left and right but will use them to communicate.

    I am also going to use the term newspaper as a generic term for any hard copy news media.

    Is there any decent moderate newspaper perhaps centrist is a better word, is there any decent centrist newspaper out there?

    The News Ltd rags seem to take the Far Right Conservative view and the Fairfax rags seem to take the Far Left view – should I start buying the Bulletin or something?

  6. Yobbo says:

    You could read The West Australian, they are far too incompetent to be able to work any bias into their pages. They are flat out just spellchecking.

  7. I wrote a column for the Courier Mail for a while. I didn’t read it religiously, but it didn’t seem to me they had much of a partisan axe to grind. Also I think the characterisation of Fairfax as ‘Far left’ is ridiculous. Stale left often yes. But far left. Ken Davidson (for instance) has been stale for years. I tend not to read him. But left will do, predictable, stale, but not ‘far’. Then it depends on your point of view. Tim Colebatch – left of centre yes. Far left? Hardly. One of the best, and hardest working, most knowledgeable most trying to be open minded economic journalist in this country or anywhere else.

  8. Chris Lloyd says:

    I am not sure the Age is even uniformly left. The editorial supported the Iraq war and, initially at least, was in favour of Hicks’ incarceration at Gitmo. But on social issues (i.e. gender, indiginous or multicultural issues) they are very one-sided. If you are interested in world news you can always look at the Guardian.

  9. ca56 says:

    Let me think ! Not another Iraq issue pls. I’ll go with open thread.

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