Conspiracy Theory: 9×11=99 which is 66 upside down. Hmm….

Surely we cannot let 11/9 pass without a single relevant post?  After all, the world changed forever five years ago today. For a start,  folks the  globe over (sans moi) have now begun  quoting  dates backwards, like the Americans.

SBS recently aired a bizarre documentary alleging that the Pentagon was not hit by a domestic plane but by a bunker buster missile. The main evidence was that there was no plane wreckage found and that the hole in the Pentagon was too small for a plane impact. I have to admit, the fact that the missing section of the Pentagon was smaller than the width of a plane is rather strange.  The narrator looked a bit like Ed Morrow and spoke in the hushed but threatening tones of Rod Serling. He also found it difficult to frame a sentence that was not a rhetorical question. It’s a great device. For instance

Is it not strange that c8to’s real name is Tommy Vogelgesang which is German for Tommy Birdsong and that he and Graeme Bird have not been seen together in the same room? Is it too much to suppose that they are one and the same? Hmmm…?

Then again Margo might have just made it up. That is the great thing about the web. You can find electronic support for anything. Back to the topic of the post, paraphrasing the thrust of the 11/9 conspiracy doco,  the narrator  might have asked:

Is it too much to suppose that an administration that lied about the link of Iraq with al Qaeda, and lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction might also betray their country and destroy their own military headquarters?  

Yes, it is way too much. But you have to wonder to what extent  these conspiracy theories are given oxygen by the transparent lies that have characterised the Bush administration’s response to every aspect of the farcical War on Terror. What a pity that those poor 2500 folks can’t rest in peace.    


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15 years ago

I wrote a comment but then re-read the post and I think I missed the tone of it.
Half of it gives credence to conspiracy theories yet the other half dismisses them so I’m confused.

So here is my confused response anyway so I don’t have to post twice:

No, no, no. I didn’t see the SBS one but I think I’ve seen parts of it aired before on channel ten. If it is the same one they presented the film and told you what their conspiracy was and left you to make up your own mind. The one I saw bits of was very specific about that.

As for changing of the world, no, we denigrate Islamists that is a change. We’ve put harsher restrictions on personal freedoms that changed.

We cheered the response to 11/9 in Afghanistan and we laughed at the involvement in Iraq and we cried when Bush was re-elected.

The unnecessary stuff is still going on in Iraq, Osama’s been mentioned cos we’ve returned to this date but apart from that he’s dismissed and only mentioned once in a blue moon.

All the war, if we can call it that is still over there where it has always been (before and after 11/9) except some of us have interfered.

Apart from that, nothing has changed.

Nicholas Gruen
15 years ago

Is Vee serious? Has he ever suggested Elvis lives? And yet, is that because he doesn’t want us to draw the obvious conclusion? Is it too much to speculate that he thinks that Elvis does in fact live, and that this is his reason for his consistent and indeed some wouild say eerie silence on the matter? Is it a speculation too far that he may have been in the building when Elvis left it?

Jason Soon
15 years ago

For the record I have seen Tom Vogelgesang and Graeme Bird in the same room. I even saw them arm wrestle each other, and no this isn’t like Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

Andrew Reynolds
15 years ago

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Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
15 years ago

..and before someone picks me up on listing the casualties as 2500 and not 2900, I subtracted off the 400 passengers on the plane that did not hit the Pentagon and who are now being held in a military bunker in Wyoming.

Andrew Leigh
15 years ago

“I have to admit, the fact that the missing section of the Pentagon was smaller than the width of a plane is rather strange.”

Please, let’s not give a breath of oxygen to the beret brigade. There’s nothing strange about it.


[…] the case that the US government was involved. I wrote about this nonsense on another blog here if you are […]


[…] the case that the US government was involved. I wrote about this nonsense on another blog here if you are […]

9 years ago

me and my three friends (julia,tom and mike)were all born in june, i was born on the 5th and they were born on the 11th,24th,and 30th . me and tom are 6 days appart ,so are the other 2,then me and mike are 19 days appart ,so are tom and julia .if you put all those numbers together you get 11 66 99. so because 11 x 9=99 and 99 is 66 upside down,does that mean were responsible to change the world?