Andrew Norton has gone solo

Via ex-coblogger  Jason Soon, in case any Troppo readers haven’t found it yet:  Andrew’s new blog.  

Andrew is an articulate and elegant writer, backs up his claims with facts and figures, avoids hyperbole,  responds thoughtfully to reasoned criticism, and graciously concedes a point from time to time. He appears genuinely committed to  convergence in dialogue,  as opposed to  demonising his ideological   opponents and scoring points for his team (although he does have a couple of endearing obsessions – see the warning below).  Andrew’s blog  will  be a dignified voice from his corner of the landscape of economic opinion    – as Harry Clarke’s and John Quiggin’s are for theirs –  and a rich mine of information and stimulating ideas.

Warning: ‘Andrew Norton’s Blog’ is likely to contain  critiques of Clive Hamilton whose frequency and ferocity verges  on the obsessive, and which may offend a small handful of readers.

 Update: Don beat me to it, as I noticed after posting.

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Andrew Norton
17 years ago

James – Thanks for the kind words. I will try to keep my dislike of Clive Hamilton under control.