A microscopic drama

Get a load of this!

Curtesy of Brad DeLong’s site. Brad lets us know this.

After some viewing I think that this isn’t just a series of pretty pictures. This is a real story. What we’re watching is the innards of helper T-cell activation. The lymphocyte crawling along the arteriole wall at the beginning has picked up a foreign signal, and has latched onto a macrophage through the T-cell receptors and major histocompatibility receptors. Then we dive into the cell, and the majority of the video shows the synthesis, sorting, and delivery of T-cell receptors, cytokines, and other proteins, and we finish with the now-alerted and activated lymphocyte slipping in-between the capillary wall cells on its way to trouble.

Some people know an amazing amount. Anyway, please observe the drama – perhaps going on inside you as you watch. Fortunately Ken has created a category for this post – ‘life’.

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4 Responses to A microscopic drama

  1. Jc says:

    Are you saying this the real deal… it’s not made up? It has obviously been speeded up.. But WOW!

    Maybe ID is far fetched, but it looks like there is a serious amount of order and rule following going on. Makes me think Pascals wage is the better side of the bet, just in case.

  2. It’s an animation – but otherwise the ‘real deal’ I guess.

  3. Don Quixote says:

    It represents a great way to teach children biology, methinks.

  4. paul casey says:

    The animation was created for Harvard’s Molecular & Cellular Biology program, to promote their classes.

    here is a higher quality version which does it justice

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