Mate in three

I promised myself I’d post a couple of very cute chess puzzles on Troppo when I saw them. Now after the chess fest of Kramnik’s great victory (he can’t have made too many trips to the dunny when he was playing rapid chess with Topalov which he won), and after a long day at a big schools tournament with Alex here are a couple of very cute chess puzzles. White to move and mate in three in each case. Topalov missed a simpler mate in three than these two. So don’t be shy.   Give it your best shot!
Puzzle 1 .gif

Mate in three.bmp

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Scott Wickstein
17 years ago

I’m hopeless at problems. I can’t find a definite solution to either- Nf5 looks the best bet on the first one except that f6 looks a solid defence… as for the second… beats my pair of jacks. g4 seems essential to prevent black from mating on the first rank.

Joshua Gans
17 years ago

The second one seems simple enough. I’ve forgotten the notation, so please accept longhand:

1. White queen moves to the end of the column: check. Black is obliged to block with bishop.

2. White queen moves back two squares: check. Black bishop takes queen.

3. White bishop takes black bishop: mate.

Joshua Gans
17 years ago

The first one isn’t too bad either.

1. White queen moves two squares along the diagonal: check. Black king takes queen.

2. White knight checks king: (double) check. Balck king retreats to its original position

3. White knight moves again to what I suppose is h6: mate.

Bring Back EP at LP
Bring Back EP at LP
17 years ago

you got that chess in time