Having trouble finding Catallaxy?

If you’ve been having trouble connecting to Jason Soon’s group weblog Catallaxy then maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place. If you bookmarked the old site at badanalysis.com then it’s time to update — you won’t be automatically redirected anymore.

Catallaxy is fast emerging as the online meeting place for Australian libertarians. Jason has a recent post supporting the Liberal Democratic Party‘s membership drive. Catallaxy’s Skepticlawyer and Jason have already joined John Humphreys and Yobbo as members.

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Jason Soon
17 years ago

thanks for that Don. I’ve been bugging c8to to redirect but there’s only so many hours in a day our IT slave has once you factor in other stuff he has to do for his sustenance and he’s been busy with the migration to a new server;-) apparently he has to clear up some technical problems on that badanalysis site before he can do the redirect

17 years ago

Much appreciated Don. We have learnt our lesson big-time on not having enough server grunt to cope with multiple MSM links in a short time.