Things I said on my weekend

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Tony Harris
17 years ago

Possibly a bit over the top in the amount of research and writing devoted to a fairly minor literary figure. When we do our tour of Mosman we can drive past the house in Raglan Street where she lived with George Johnson for the last years.

As for things I said, there is a comment on a post on The Austrian Economists…

The background is that I was thinking about asking whether I could get to blog on the site, then decided it was just as easy (and possibly cheaper) to post in the comments.

Peter Fuller
17 years ago

I agree with your assessment of Nadia Wheatley’s book, Nick – a superb biographical study on a worthy subject. It’s also interesting to read Suzanne(?) Chick’s* for additional context. The Johnston/Clift family is a tragic story and an important piece of Australian literary history.
* Not sure if it should be called a biog or autobiog, since it has elements of both.