Big News: News Wins Big

Winners and winner-groupies were hugging themselves with delight and gay abandonment today, at the unbelievable news, that Australia’s most famous news packaging and dissemination service, News Corporation, was first with the news, that News had been extremely successful at the annual News Awards, that celebrate News’ finest newhounds and news-like  moments.

Leaving the other contenders eating dust, News Corporation’s finest had good reason to celebrate their extraordinary victory.   Because,   for the second year running, in this now traditional and time honoured celebration,   News Corporation has… get this… cleaned up in ….every …..single …..category ….on …offer!

It doesn’t get much better than that fellow News junkies,   and I’m sure you’ll join with me, in once again offering my heartiest congratulations to the The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Herald Sun, The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, and The Geelong Advertiser.

It was hot competition though from The Adelaide Advertiser and the suburban weeklies who really had the big boys from the big cities on the ropes there for a while, but sadly walked away with nothing but the satisfaction that they were in the race, at least for a time.

The  competition though,  was never fiercer, than amongst those vying for the title of Australia‘s most popular newspaper The Herald Sun.   This traditional grudge match between the Herald Sun, really brings out the best in News’ winning culture, and for the second year running, this year was no exception.

It  was a close run thing indeed, but eventually Peter Blunden,   editor of The Herald Sun stepped up to the podium to receive the award from surprise guest P¨re Murdoch, and could walk away with the gong, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow’s headline, already in the can, was now consistent with the facts:   Herald Sun A Winner.

If that’s not a good news story.   I don’t know what is.

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17 years ago

I realise that the journalists are important to the business.

Think outside the square JC!