Kramer – a laugh a minute

Well he was on Seinfeld anyway.

Some people may have seen this before but, having heard about it on the radio recently I looked it up on YouTube.

Truly shocking. Nice to see the audience filing out as he sank deeper into the mire.

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Jason Soon
Jason Soon
17 years ago

As I said over at Steve Edwards’, this is more complicated than it seems because my impression was that the audience was actually laughing along to the remark that ’50 years ago we’d have a fork up your arse’. Isn’t that just as bad if not worse than using the n word?

This is what I think happened – Richards was running out of gags, he heard this interjection and was clutching at straws and he thought the ’50 years ago we’d have a fork up your arse’ comment could be taken as pomo-self conscious -irony (like the sort of shtick Borat does) and the audience laughed along with it. So he thought what the hell, let’s continue with this shtick and pulled out the ‘n’ word, and the audience suddenly reacted the other way. He then panicked and plodded on with it anyway until he’d worked himself into a desperate hysterics.