Missing Link – a note for subscribers.

Having had a closer look at how the FeedBlitz service works, it seems that Missing Link is posted at about 2am Central Standard Time. That’s around 1pm-ish somewhere in the USA.

Unfortunately the nice folk at FeedBlitz want cashola to upgrade to a more timely service. I’d be interested in receiving your comments on whether or not Ken and I should consider paying for the upgrade.

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  1. Ron says:

    I can’t see a real need to pay for such things when there are so many open source solutions around.

    Here’s a WordPress plugin that I use at patrickwhite.ozewriters.com and it works very well. It sends out the emails immediately the post is published.


  2. meika says:

    And for people who want to track their various comments on different blogs I use

    which is much better than manually pasting URLs into Excel.

    My conversations on various blogs on coComment are here.


  3. Jacques Chester says:


    Ken asked me to set up with FeedBlitz, for two quite sensible reasons:

    1. subscribe2 does not distinguish between categories. All posts on the blog are sent. Ken wanted a Missing Link only feed, which was possible with the FeedBlitz service.

    2. FeedBlitz carries the technical can. Ken made it pretty clear that’s how he wanted things to be.

    You could correctly argue that the subscribe2 module could be modified to handle per-category subscriptions, but essentially Ken wanted something which was immediately available.

  4. Ron says:


    1. is not correct. Subscribe2 has an extensive control panel. Both admin and uses can decide which categories are sent – no mods are required.

  5. Jacques Chester says:


    I’ll have another look, but I didn’t see it.

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