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After watching a replay of a Geraldine Doogue interview with Heavy Kevy on Compass last night, I find it increasingly difficult to credit Amanda’s and Chris Sheil’s hypothesis (developed on this thread here at Club Troppo) that he has already endeared himself to the general populus through his apparently regular slot on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. Hyper-reality or not, Rudd’s mix of nerdy awkwardness and calculating insincerity is anything but endearing, at least to my taste.   Of course, John Howard managed to get himself elected despite (or maybe because of) a similar public persona, but I suspect he only managed it because most people hated Paul Keating so much more.   I’d like to think Rudd can win, and the opinion polling certainly says so, although the bookies don’t.   Anyway, it’s a good excuse for posting  a Photoshop effort by Sublimely Gothic Cowgirl.   Her advice for Kevy? “Billy Idol pulled off an 80’s cyber-goth-punk look quite well, but Kev – a word of advice – lose the wispy bowl ‘do and throw in the odd sneer here and there“.

Anyway, on with the day’s Missing Link business.


News and politics stuff

Blogosphere Media Watch

  • Phil Gomes does his weekly meander through the weekend newspaper op-eds,  unmasking assorted dastardly deeds of right wing pundits.
  • Tim Blair reciprocates, revealing that Adele Horin recycles her own old columns (in contrast to Phillip Adams and Mark Steyn, who frequently recycle those of other people).

 We’ll all be rooned

The former head of the Reserve Bank says “major financial instability” is likely to hit Australia within the next two decades and he believes we lack the tools to deal with it.

In the sixth and final of his Boyer Lectures to be broadcast on the ABC on Sunday Ian Macfarlane says he believes that Australia faces a threat “greater than the threat of inflation, deflation, the balance of payments and the other familiar economic variables that we have confronted in the past”…

Other newsy  stuff

The figures suggest that more than 100 000 are homeless at any one time, which is around 1 in every 200 people. This makes it a minority issue in a political sense. But there are far more than this who have to pay high or very high proportions of their weekly income just to keep a roof over their heads


Life and other serious stuff

… Neighbourhood character is an often abused concept that tries to make conservatism look respectable. It has been used to argue against the building of mosques, against the building of student apartments and against anything that doesn’t fit within a very defined and narrow view of the world. Neighbourhoods should be allowed to change over time and the concept of ‘neighbourhood character’ should not be hijacked by prejudice and a fear of modern architecture.

Obviously, whenever a child drowns someone blames themselves for not supervising carefully enough. The parents and any other adult who could hypothetically have been watching more closely will castigate themselves for the rest of their lives. Few will have to cope with the horror-blamefest awaiting Kerry Lucas, though …

  • On bodies and bits – Ampersdand Duck blogs on the significance of underam hair and vaginoplasties …


The Yartz

Prompted in part by a glum viewing of the Short & Sweet website, our favourite New York tragedian George Hunka lets rip on the commodification of theatre as mere “entertainment”, which he calls “the new Fascism”. …

  • Crampton on criticism – Alison Croggon links to several other posts dealing with what she characterises as “the critical debate raging across the blogosphere” …


Mad Bad Sad and Glad

  • Landeryou gets his man – Anonymous Lefty ‘fesses up to his true identity after being outed by another blogger for the 700th time
  • Talking to ourselves – Andrew Norton focuses on a media survey that shows what any experienced blogger already knows: – we’re mostly just preaching to the converted, because most readers  gravitate semi-permanently  to  blogs which share their own opinions and only venture out for an occasional bracing stoush with the enemy.
  • Vote Now; UnAustralian of the Year 2007 final – Daily Flute announces the finalists. So go and vote for your least favourite person in a strong field of contenders.
  • Gideon Haigh blogs the Ashes cricket, and so does Tony the Teacher, as do assorted bloggers at Sidelined.
  • Anti-football conspiracy part 3 – Guido with more on a seeming campaign by some MSM organisations to denigrate soccer’s successful national league.   It’s a wonder this story isn’t getting more exposure.
  • Feed your head – Darryl Mason with an eclectic bizarre  links post.


About Ken Parish

Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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Mark Bahnisch
17 years ago

No email at all about Friday’s Missing Link, Ken, btw.

Mark Bahnisch
17 years ago

If you went with a more reliable service that cost, Ken, and put up a paypal button, I’d be happy to kick in a contribution.

17 years ago

Cat2email does look pretty cool, if you’re just after a WordPress plugin and not a full-scale mailer. I’ve experimented with both PHPList and Dadamail as mailers, and I believe PHPList even has a WordPress integration somewhere. They’re both free. I can thoroughly recommend PHPList though it takes a bit of larnin’.

17 years ago

That’d work too. Three cheers for the ugly but functional!

17 years ago

I’m another Phil, not Phil Gomes, but he’s a gen-you-wine blogger with maximus cred so I don’t mind if you confuse us :-)

17 years ago

Peter Martin’s blog is a treasure trove of useful information. I’ll endeavour to look at it more closely.

17 years ago

That is pretty interesting Vee.

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