Ethics and the Ashes

For those members of the Barmy Army who are over here and overawed. Spiked columnist Ethan Greenhart had some advice for you, which apparently you ignored.

Flying to Australia is never acceptable.

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The Devil Drink
The Devil Drink
17 years ago

‘Ken oath, international cricket’s morally reprehensible. What’s wrong with drinking, shouting and sweating at home, free from the responsibility of having to concentrate on the sport?
T’aint just the men who can join in that fun, I might add.

17 years ago

Ken – just letting you know that anonymouslefty and boltwatch are not under my control at the moment. Some bastard has hacked me, deleted the blogs from my account and stolen the URLs.

Temporarily I’m at instead. (I presume you consider this as outrageous an attack as I do.) VERY FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY RIGHT NOW.