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Today’s Missing Link is a huge omnibus edition, partly because of the week’s gap in publication of ML (for various reasons largely  beyond my control)  and partly because Google Reader allows me to cover more blogs more thoroughly.     I’m still continually amazed by the huge volume of great reading  material produced by the Australian blogosphere on a daily basis, and today’s ML edition underlines it.   I’ve always  known there was lots of great stuff out there, but the sheer  abundance of  good material  exceeds even my expectations.   It makes you realise why the mainstream media takes every opportunity to denigrate blogging, while Crikey abstracts a tiny number of “quirky” posts each day, apparently seeking to give its readers the misleading impression that that’s what blogging is all about.

Anyway, on with  the show  without further ado.



Patriotic Aussies show respect for the flag at the Cronulla riots …

News and politics stuff

The flag and the Big Day Out

  • Every blogger and her cat posted on this story for some reason.   Andrew Bartlett has some sensible, sober commentary, and links to  some others. Modia Minotaur’s post also contains  numerous flag-related factoids I didn’t know.   Personally I preferred the more  colourful responses … right-leaning ones like Andrew Landeryou, who titled his post Disgraceful: leftist concert organisers attack flag,  not to mention  the lunar right like Tiberius at A Western Heart, whose post was called Time to fry us some leftists  and proceeded to get even  more rabid from there. But the best post (including lots of photos)  was by Tim Sterne at Sarsaparilla:

If popular music is about anything, it’s about conformity, obedience, and respect for the values of the broader community. Waving an Aussie flag while moshing is a time-honoured tradition. Back when I could be bothered attending music festivals, the first thing I packed, after my cigarettes, pre-rolled joints, two litre bottle of Southern Comfort and Coke, ripped flanelette shirt, earplugs, glow-in-the-dark condoms, amphetamines (strictly for dealing), giant inflatable novelty hand, toilet roll, bong, fake ID, counterfeit tickets, and fifty dollars stolen from my mum’s purse, was an Australian flag or two. Who died and gave BDO promoter Ken West the right to deprive thousands of music-loving youngsters of the opportunity to do the same?

‘Bush as terrorist’  T-shirt kicked off Qantas

Howard’s  reshuffle

Mandy was – lets face it a larger than life personality. She was a big woman, she dressed colourfully, she got pissed on a regular basis. She was a lightning rod for satirists, cartoonists and every two-bit stand up comic who wanted to get a cheap laugh. Away with her.   …

Goodbye Mandy, you useless fat idiot. I’ll miss you.

Rudd’s education discussion paper and speech

  • Andrew Norton and Andrew Leigh both suggest that there’s more to education policy than just throwing money at it.  Labor will probably need to take on the education unions and state education bureaucrats to have a  meaningful positive effect.   Daily Flute puts the ALP line, with some useful stats (but compare with Andrew Norton).

A great photo …  not so sure of the politics of associating the pro-choice position with late-term abortions

 Pro-choice Day

  • Tigtog argues the pro-choice abortion position from her own experience (as a mother of two).   Suki has a more earthy (and free verse poetic)  take on it:

I am pro-choice because having sex, being passionate, fucking hard and often, is not always done to conceive. Paradoxically, sex can lead to conception. Conception is not always the desired outcome. Contraception fails, or is unpleasant, or is onerous, or is forgotten, or requires assertiveness, or is overwhelming”¦

Other news stuff

I think the present water restrictions in Victoria are ridiculous: a prime example of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, just so that the government looks like it is doing something constructive. I’m not the only one who is upset. …


Life and other serious stuff

… What if, I suddenly thought to myself, the man I love turns out to be attracted to high-maintenance women? Maybe the majority of men are? What if the man I end up with turns out to be secretly (or openly) more attracted to the well-varnished woman than to a low-maintenance chick like me? …

  • Dobbing is a big issue – Chris Berg argues that  encouraging people to dob in others to the government is unAustralian.   In fact, ‘dobbing’ was a mortal social  sin when I was a kid, but it doesn’t seem to be the case  nowadays.   Chris’s IPA colleague Andrew Norton also weighs in with some thoughts on the ethics of dobbing.
  • ‘Moderate’ left and right – Andrew Norton crunches the numbers and discovers that moderate lefites are less tolerant than moderate righties.   As a centrist I am, of course,  deeply tolerant of the complete fucktards on  all sides of the ideological divide.  
  • Julia Julia Julia – Helen ‘Cast iron Balcony’ Smart on Julia Gillard’s bizarre utterances on motherhood and politics.
  • Does feminism fail women? – Mark ‘ozconservative’ Richardson
  • A better system for all? – Mark ‘ozconservative’ Richardson on Australia’s refugee program



A fairly dodgy-sounding artistic work, but a great photo c/- The Art Life

The Yartz

I’d like to suggest that Gregory David Roberts’ Shantaram provides a new take on the Australian novel. Shantaram is a noisy, baggy monster of a creation: tho linked to a central protagonist’s quest, it spans multiple characters and continents over a large time period, and juggles long, unwieldy plotlines.

The Recording Industry Association of America seems to work on a very clear, simple theory. We live in a society driven by spectacle, and you get the most attention by biting the heads off kittens in front of children. So the RIAA has been behaving like complete bastards to tiny, insignificant people, knowing it gets a heap of publicity. …

  • Ertl of the jungle – Tiley again, with a fantastic post on the life of German film director (and Leni Reifenstahl collaborator) Hans Ertl.


Mad Bad Sad Glad

  • Zoe is the mother of a brand new baby boy.   Congratulations!
  • The tale of ice in the sky – Robert Merkel holds forth on the history of comets, while Nicholas Gruen tells the story of his own encounters with them and posts some photos of Comet McNaught.
  • Fumento spits the dummy – Tim Lambert focuses on right-leaning American science writer’s departure in high dudgeon from Winds of Change blog, after being caught fudging/misrepresenting research about stem cells in amniotic fluid.   Tim has also been involved in a quite nasty stoush about global warming issues  with Online Opinion’s Graham Young.   Neither of them exhibits deep (or even shallow) civility.
  • Tim Blair notes the fleeting return of his favourite target Margo Kingston  to the media (and blogging) spotlight as a supporter of banning the Australian flag from Sydney’s Big Day Out.  
  • World’s shortest book – sometimes Tim Blair’s trademark abbreviated blogging style works superbly, and this post is an example.
  • Short pants man – Bernard Slattery

A TEENAGER has been accused of being a deadbeat dad by a government agency that claims he fathered a child when he was three years old.

Looks like we have the first victim of the Irwin Curse. Hayden Parkinson, the 16 year old who died of a snake bite last week, “worshipped Steve Irwin”.


About Ken Parish

Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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Andrew Norton
Andrew Norton
17 years ago

“Chris’s IPA colleague Andrew Norton also weighs in with some thoughts on the ethics of dobbing. ”

Or: Chris’s CIS competitor Andrew Norton…

17 years ago

Mr Sterne is a funny guy.

What a beat up this story was. I enjoyed Chas from The Chaser’s little effort coming out of court yesterday draped in a flag.

17 years ago

PS – I guess it’s in Crikey’s interest to not promote the idea of blogging. People might see that the analysis they get at Crikey (which can be good sometimes – I don’t get it anymore free or otherwise) is no better or worse than the stuff on the blogosphere.

Just a thought!!!!

The mainstream media in Australia is very small and hard to get into. It’s no surprise that people try to protect their nest. I don’t see it as a competition.

17 years ago

Nice round up Ken.

Felt I should also point out that comicstriphero’s take on Howard’s reshuffle was also a classic.

Mark Bahnisch
17 years ago

Agree with Cristy – I think comicstriphero’s analysis was by far the best!

17 years ago

A great photo “

Armagnac Esq
17 years ago

“Armagnac continues his parenthood-driven lurch to the pragmatic right. ”

Wash your mouth out with soap. It’s the hippy-dippy leftoid parents who at least TRY to direct their kids away from following every gadget driven trend.

I’m contrarian pragmatic centre left, always have been =)

17 years ago

Thanks for the link, Ken :-)

Bill Posters
Bill Posters
17 years ago

From the AWH entry linked above:

Now do you people see why leftists need to be killed? Do you? This call to ban the flag is a direct result of their influence on society.

And I had to choke back the vomit when I heard pig-fucker fucker Morris Iemma expressing his outrage at this. Listen to me you miserable little fuck: It is your (and your fellow leftist) pandering to those Lebanese muslim pieces of shit that has caused all this. If you and your ilk would have done your job and cracked down on these pig fuckers without mercy the second they put a foot out of line, Sydney would not have such a problem and there would be no need for anyone to suggest such a vile ban.

And Rudd saying it is political correctness gone mad? It is you leftist fuckheads that have been pushing political correctness for years.

I’ve said it many times before and will say it again. It is time to exterminate the left.

Dunno who “Tiberius” is but they are a genuine psychopath. This is disturbing stuff – worse than some of the tosh you’d read over at Stormfront.

Let’s hope Tiberius’ is all talk and no action (as seems likely).

Incidentally, isn’t it slightly illegal to incite people to kill?

Jason Soon
Jason Soon
17 years ago

Let’s hope Tiberius’ is all talk and no action (as seems likely).

Don’t worry Bill.He sounds like one of those guys where the only harm he can possibly do is if he tries to smother you in his bum crack.

Tim Sterne
17 years ago

Cheers for the link, Ken.