Carrie Giver: Ka-pow!! America’s New Comic Book Superheroine


I received an e-mail a while back from a very enterprising TR Rose Associates a small New York public advocacy publishing house who have published a comic in aid of the cause for giving money to caregivers in the US. Parents and Grandparents. I don’t know what the arrangements are there, but presumably they’re not very generous in the US – they prefer spending money on keeping their underclass behind bars.

Having run into (I think) this article they asked me if they could send me the comic for review on Troppo. It arrived before Christmas but I headed for Canberra without it. I received a couple of follow up emails and I am genuinely impressed with their perseverance and upset that I’ve not posted before now. So sorry TD Rose but in any event, here I am drawing attention to your comic.

It’s very nice, but not really my cup of tea in advocacy. It has a (female) super hero (alternatively Carrie Giver and Carrie Miller) who saves people from falling under buses etc. When her deeds are recognised she tells Congresspeople to support a refundable caregiver tax credit. I think this is a good idea, but I’m not sure.

If anyone wants to pop round to my place in Port Melbourne to pick up the comic and give it a proper review, they’re more than welcome. It describes itself as a collectors’ item and it might well be or become one – but not by my collecting it.

TR Rose Associates describe themselves as “Consultants specializing in framing issues and research’ Go have a look at their website.

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