Those who saw the corresponding post last year, or who participated, may realise that it’s around a year ago that something like forty of us subscribed to Crikey. If I can join as many people as that this year I’ll probably sign up, but doubt I’ll do so at the single rate. If you want to sign up please e-mail me your name and email address and I’ll email Crikey with everyone’s names and emails.

Remember that this was advertised on Catallaxy and LP last time, so if someone could oblige and post a corresponding post on those sites, then we should be able to get as many subscriptions as last time.

Here’s the table of discounts.

3-5 annual subscriptions: $70 each
6-9 annual subscriptions: $60 each
10-20 annual subscriptions: $50 each
20-49 annual subscriptions: $40 each
50+ annual subscriptions: $35 each

So if you want to sign up, please send your name and email to me at nicholas AT gruen DOT com DOT au.

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17 years ago
17 years ago

Hi everyone,


17 years ago

Bannerman has sampled the wares of Crikey and quite frankly, hasn’t reported favourably. His last statement on the matter was something to the effect of “not what it was”