Welcome Professor Paul Frijters

Prof Paul emailed me earlier today asking if he could post occasionally at Troppo and naturally I said we’d be delighted.  Paul is a very knowledgeable social scientist born in Holland.  You can check out his background, publications and interests – and what he looks like – at the link I’ve provided.

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2 Responses to Welcome Professor Paul Frijters

  1. parkos says:

    “A Scouse would have had trouble understanding a Cockney not too long ago.”

    A quote from Frijters in the Australian this week.

    Eeeeeerm! A scouse is a stew, a scouser is a person, and scouse is a dialect and way of life. To understand scouse you need knowledge of Gaelic and Brythonic languages combined with centuries of Moorish and African immigration influence.

    But dont worry Paul not being able to speak English properly is a prerequisite for entry into Australian blogos and society.

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