Book review anyone?

meika’s book – well its cover anyway

I have just been emailed by some time Troppodillian lurker, commenter and collaborator in BBO6 meika loofs samorzewski (he’s pretty sparing with – but not totally against – capital letters). He finished his book a few months ago. I’m flat out so haven’t had much time to look at it but I do like the little content I saw on the first few pages – consisting of quotes from worthies and an engaging opening.

I don’t have time to look at it much more and expect I wouldn’t be a good reviewer. But can we have a volunteer(s) to review the book – comment below and when you’re ready to post, we can give you a Troppo ID or you can send us your text and you can post it.

The book is here (pdf).

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17 years ago

I’ll do a review for you, Nicholas. I like Meika’s stuff generally, so I may be favourably biased, but I do know a bit about experimental poetry/writing.