Monday Missing Link (well, nearly)

Oh my gawd, itâs my first edition of Missing Link: Lighter, sillier and undoubtedly ridiculous. A bigger edition of Missing Link will appear later this week for your reading pleasure or otherwise. Thanks to Ms S Lawyer for her brilliant effort over the weekend. ‘Oh I wish I was a lawyer with braids in my hair.’ Thanks to everybody else for enduring my technophobia. This was supposed to appear yesterday, but Iâm an idiot, Iâm a nong bramaxine.gifin (to the tune of ‘Creep’ by one of those wimpy English bands).

News and Politics

Maxine, youâre not the only one to take the whole world on:

Tigtog from Larvatus Prodeo thinks Maxine McKew is in with a real shot to win the seat of Bennelong, and that the ALP is a real goer in general. According to Mr/Ms Tog, ‘there’s a deep, deep dissatisfaction emerging from the national subconscious’ in relation to the Howard Government. Does a ‘national subconscious’ exist and is it going all the way with KR?

Andrew Landeryou makes the following point about Ms McKew:

If she runs there, she won’t win but it’s certainly trouble causing and that’s the faction we’re in here at the OC so it has our two-fingers of approval from that point of view.

Errr, I couldnât have put it better myself. Anyway, Mr. Landeryou reminds his readers that Julia Irwin, a woman who seems to be to the left of Fidel Castro, is still alive, politically speaking.

Guy from Polemica comes off like a character from Team America: World Police in his post about Ms McKew. Language, Guy. Heâs very positive about her running for the aforementioned seat of Bennelong:

This is a time for taking up the fight to the government while it is still wobbling around incoherently, giddy with blows from a seemingly revitalised Opposition.

Fuck yeah, Guy.

Alex White from Stoush spells Peter Garrettâs name wrong, but is also happy with Ms McKewâs intentions. It wasnât Mr. Whiteâs aim, but when he tells us that ‘Not Happy, John’ is going to raise its ugly mug again, he reminds us that caution in determining a winner might be a good thing. If Jon Valder is going to carry on like a pork chop once more, well, expect John to be a little happy. Little happy little John.

Graham Young from Ambit Gambit has a different view of the McKew-Bennelong relationship than the other blogs I chanced to look at yesterday. While everyone else thinks John Howard aka âLittle happy little John❠should be shivering in his size 6 pants about Ms McKew, Mr. Young believes her presence is a bonus for the Prime Minister. He sees shades of the allegedly arrogant Keating period in the Rudd team:

As yet there is little to indicate what the Rudd government will do, but we have an inkling of what it will be like. It will consist of ‘A’ listers looking straight down their noses and TV cameras and telling us all what is good for us – a replay of the Keating government. Get ready for the ‘Queen Bee’ state.

Mmm, if the Tories can make the Keating slur stick it could change the current state of affairs.

The Yartz

Tony Taylor from After Grog Blog succinctly reviews Little Britain, the program that put the catchphrases and the blokes dressed in frocks back in comedy where they belong. Little Britain is currently touring the country to sold-out performances everywhere.

Sure itâs a cheap plug, but you can read my article about the late comedian Tony Hancock on The Groggy Squirrel. I shall be doing some more writing for the site, and am especially looking forward to discussing the fun and frivolity thatâs the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Extending the idea of ‘The Yartz’ as broadly as possible, Atari from The Spin Starts Here makes some valid points about the atrocity known as The Biggest Loser. Mr/Ms Atari argues:

This year, the wisdom at Channel Ten dictates that we need an extra 90 minutes per week of TBL. With a 1 hour show on Monday, Thursday and Sunday now we have 4.5 hours of Biggest Loser per week, compared to the US version which wraps things up neatly in just 1 hour.

Atari continues thus; “I don’t know about you guys, but frankly, that’s a pretty significant chunk of my week. That’s time I could be spending washing my hair, filing my nails, dipping my eyeballs in acid, etc. etc.”

Itâs called overkill, Channel Ten. Just weigh the buggers once a week and leave it at that.

Alison Croggon is joining the ‘experts’ on the Green Room Awards panel. She uses her post about her new job to kick the boot into everyoneâs former favourite Australian, Jason Donovan. Ouch, arty folks never miss the chance to have a go.

The Oscars were on last night (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) thus giving Tim Blair the opportunity to muse on whether Al Goreâs An Inconvenient Truth was going to win. ‘Well, duh’ (Blair, Tim 2007). So many science experts on the blogosphere, but so few scientists. I was hoping that Sharon Stone was going to pick up a best actress gong for Basic Instinct 2. Now thatâs art, luvvies.

In another artistic moment, Mr. Blair sets out the commenting policies for his site including the following:

There are rules, which essentially amount to: idiocy gets you banned.

Idiocy, like taste in movies, is a subjective thing. Sorry for not reading the associated comments in relation to the Oscars, but Iâve got things to do that are, errr, really important.

Life and other serious stuff/More Bad Sad and Glad

J B Beck aka RWDB discusses the giant squidâs big member, and ruminates on how said beast could tuck such a whopper in its duds. As if Mr. Beck doesnât already know. Mr. Squid would evidently have no problems picking up chicks at a meeting of giant squid bloggers.

Yobbo delves into the issue of parents of Asian girls (women) not being overly thrilled about their offspring dating non-Asian blokes. Fancy parents not liking an Aussie bloke.

Tim Train has been travelling around the United States and there are pictures on his blog to prove it. Apparently, heâs now home safe and sound. Well done.

Adrian from Man of Lettuce is having a break.

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Darlene Taylor
14 years ago

Thanks to Ms S Lawyer for her very kind assistance.

You’re a champ.

14 years ago

No worries Darlene. Since I am currently sitting at home feeling sorry for myself (summer colds and flus really, really suck), I figured I may as well do something useful.

paul walter
paul walter
14 years ago

A few brief points.
Firstly , the “national subconsciousness”. Well, if not a “national unconsciousness”, what else can it be? The devastating lack of evidence of any manifestation of anything resembling the oposite for so many eons, leaves only one other alternative and that is that the entire nation is lobotomised brain-dead.
Then there is the problem of the mostrous organ of the squid (or is that the other way round- girth matters? ). If the apparition of such creates such ofence for more fragile souls we can only suggest that the solution may lie in a good kick to the offending brute’s tentacles.
Thirdly Sharon Stone. They found her latest exposure so hairy that it copped a “Rassie” for the worst cinematic presence of the year. Can I propose that such a large crack has appeared, as to compromise this lady’s big screen image to the extent that viewers will be lucky to even access a small box sighting from now on.
Finally, Max McKew. Isn’t she gorgeous?
All we need now is for Mary Kostakidis to throw out Tony Abbot and my cup WILL run over!

14 years ago

Gee Paul, you’re a bit of a worry mate!
Enamoured with Max Mckew.. and Germy Greer.!!

Kath shakes head..

Btw, Max aint ever goin’ to win the big one matey!

14 years ago

“Firstly , the

14 years ago

I think we women of a certain age should probably congratulate Paul on his taste in females. He likes them older and, it must be said, smarter. Contrary to the opinions of a certain columnist, Maxine McKew is smart.

Harsh about the Australian people, Paul. The country is a bit conformist, but other than that, we do okay.

14 years ago

Although too much Darlene is never enough, I didn’t mean to leave two comments.

I thought the first one didn’t take as the Bishop said to nobody in particular.

14 years ago

The whole blog is running slowly at the moment. There’s a rather technical reason for it (something to do with the size of the archives I think), but we’ll need Jacques to explain properly.

It fools you into thinking your comments have been eaten.

14 years ago

Nope, still in the States! Got one more week to go – thanks for the link though!

14 years ago

Crikey, Tim, stay any longer an you’ll turn into a yank.

Alison Croggon
14 years ago

Thanks for the link, Darlene, though I’m bridling at the implied cattiness of “arty types”. Ain’t got nothing on political bloggers, imho. Well, ok, a little malice peps things up now and again, but still, I write a hell of a lot more about things I like. I guess people enjoy a bit of schadenfreude and only remember the skewers. In my defence, you can’t praise good acting unless you also appraise the bad…and our Jase seems to have got enough praise for that role to balance out the karma.

14 years ago

Any truth to the rumour Tim Train’s “New York” holiday is called Capricorn One?

Nicholas Gruen
Nicholas Gruen(@nicholas-gruen)
14 years ago

Some of us out here think you’re terrific Alison.

14 years ago

Hi Alison

Implied cattiness is pretty much all I do. : )

Between you and me, I love going to the theatre so I’m partially an arty type myself.

Anyway, I’ve joined The Groggy Squirrel website, and part of my job is to review comedy acts so….it’s all fun, but I believe in honesty in reviewing.

Tony, I had to check up on the interweb for that pop culture reference. Let’s just Tim is going when many men have been before.

14 years ago

Indeed, Tim is going where many men have been before.

paul walter
paul walter
14 years ago

Lucky Tim ?

14 years ago

Tee hee.

Well, I guess it’s up to Tim to decide what he things makes him “lucky”.

Alison Croggon
14 years ago

No worries, Darlene – and thanks, Nick, bridling again here. Must be my previous life as a horse. I’ll look out for your comedy posts, Darlene – the Comedy Festival, like the Fringe, is is such an overwhelming program I never know where to begin.

Thanks too for your piece on Hancock – I have all the Hancock vids, the man was a genius (favourite episodes here are The Blood Donor and The Missing Page, though I’m very fond of the Lord Byron one, where they “find” a poem on the wall). One thing that haunts me about Hancock was that he was apparently obsessed with the fact that he never knew why people found him funny.

Anyway, way off topic now –

14 years ago

It’s depressing true about Hancock, Alison.

He was a genius, but had the wrong temperament for his chosen craft (or at least all the stuff that went with it).

Next year, it’ll be the 40th anniversary of his death.