Red ink in the streets


One of the joys of moving from Canberra to Melbourne many years ago is the access to art auction houses. A new one started up a few years ago which is much better run than the international houses of Southerby’s and Christies (Imagine having a name like Christies and not being able to make a go of it in Melbourne – it shut down in Melbourne a year or so ago). It’s Deutsche Menzies.

Have a browse through their catalogue on line.

When I went to Christies or go to Southerbys or the Australian owned Joels and ask to be put on their email list for future exhibitions, they tell me they won’t do it unless I subscribe to buy catalogues for each exhibition at about $30 odd a pop. So I don’t get their emails. Deutsche Menzies on the other hand emails me kind souls. Yet somehow I doubt it’s from benevolence that I get my email.

And if you want the Drysdale – above – you’ll need to cough up about one mil for the painting plus buyers premium to the auction house – which is usually 20% plus GST – though it may be a bit less for such a bit painting. It would be a nice business to get into methinks.

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