Some things you won’t see every day

eclipse-from-the-moon.jpg saturnfromabove_cassini.jpg

Well you won’t see them any day on this planet.  You’ve got to change your perspective on things to see the earth eclipsing the Sun or Saturn from above/below.  Click on either image for the full picture. Magnificent non?

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17 years ago

Well I don’t think you will see the scene on the left any day at all. I’m sure it’s a fake. It is the famous 1972 “Full Earth” shot taken by Apollo 17, darkened and superimposed on a picture of a solar eclipse.

The one on the right is real, though. It was taken by Cassini recently.

Sacha Blumen
17 years ago

The “diamond ring” effect on the left is well-known in solar eclipses (it’s due to the sun peaking through mountains on the moon and I’d guess the lack of an atmosphere to smear out the light) – but it’d be surprising if something similar occurred around the Earth, due to the Earth’s atmosphere.