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Nicholas has already alerted readers to John Quiggin’s call for sponsors in The Great Shave.

But apparently the wind has gone out of the sails, so he’s asking for a bit more help. He will throw in $1000 of his own if the $2000 target is reached by Monday night. This means that every dollar you sacrifice yields four dollars for the Leukemia Foundation, as the Captain demonstrates in this elegant proof.

This is the latest in a long succession of fundraising exercises going back to the Boxing Day Tsunami, in which John has raised thousands of dollars for the Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres and so on. It’s great work, so please contribute this time to conomistes sans Barbes. Small contributions are welcome, but they all add up, you see. If I might venture an elegant example of my own: 20 x $20 = $400, whereas 20 x $0 = $0.

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Nicholas Gruen
17 years ago

Drop me a line if you need some dollars to help you over the line in getting not just John’s beard but also his wallet. Peach is saving it’s pennies for another worthy appeal (perhaps to be announced in a month or two on Troppo) but if there are any tight spots encountered in searching out these synergies, just let me know.

John Quiggin
John Quiggin
17 years ago

Thanks to this and other publicity, we hit the target! On to $5000!