Tobias Koster paints a life well lived



I reckon this is a bloody good picture. It took my eye in the National Gallery Magazine. It’s by Tobias Koster and most of the background is missing – which is a long strip to the right and left of the market in which one presumes the subject of the painting works. Tobias is from St Leonard’s College (so he’s in year 12 or younger).

The face seems to have the pride and health of a life well lived.

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David Jackmanson
17 years ago

Why can’t we ever get portraits of nasty, bile-fuelled, bitter old people? Surely not every old person just has ‘inner beauty’ shining through?

And while we’re at it, will someone start making docos about kids with fatal diseases who are NOT brave, but bad-tempered and self-centred, featuring a father who is about to leave because he ‘just can’t handle the little brat any more’?

david tiley
17 years ago

David, we have politics for that.

Jochem Hoes
Jochem Hoes
16 years ago

tobs youll probly not read this. u know i know we know we paint mad shit and cant wait to get out again with u man. still in holland but back in a few months and then we will rule some walls!! haha alright peace