Something to make you choke on your weet bix

A cute account of one of our favorite tribes.

The Econ tribe occupies a vast territory in the far North. Their land appears bleak and dismal to the outsider, and travelling through it makes for rough sledding; but the Econ, through a long period of adaptation, have learned to wrest a living of sorts from it. They are not without some genuine and sometimes even fierce attachment to their ancestral grounds, and their young are brought up to feel contempt for the softer living in the warmer lands of their neighbours. such as the Polscis and the Sociogs. Despite a common genetical heritage. relations with these tribes are strained-the distrust and contempt that the average Econ feels for these neighbours being heartily reciprocated by the latter-and social intercourse with them is inhibited by numerous taboos. The extreme clannishness, not to say xenophobia, of the Econ makes life among them difficult and perhaps even somewhat dangerous for the outsider.

The Math-Econ are in many ways the most fascinating, and certainly the most colorful, of Econ castes. There is today considerable uncertainty whether the âpriest❠label is really appropriate for this caste, but it is at least easy to understand why the early travellers came to regard them in this way. In addition to the deeply respectful attitude evidenced by the average Econ towards them, the Math-Econ themselves show many cultural patterns that we are wont to associate with religious orders or sects among other peoples…Furthermore glossolalia-the ability to say the same thing in several different tongues -is a highly esteemed talent among them (in several Math tongues-the Indo-European languages, for example, do not count).

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Amanda Park
Amanda Park
17 years ago

I am keen to contact Ruth Park who I believe is your mother-in-law. I am also a Park and believe we may be related. I am a journalist, a keen writer and very much enamoured with her work. I wonder if you might assist. Is she still writing and contactable by email or other? Best regards, Amanda Park.

James Millar
James Millar
16 years ago

I am also a professional writer and have a great deal of interest in the work of Ruth Park and am trying to make contact with Ruth Park or her literary agent. Is any information available for the purposes of contacting Ruth park?

Thanks alot, James Millar, Sydney.