Happy Clapping Capitalism

I consider myself a libertarian, if any of you were wondering after my post appearing immediately below this one. I like the free market, talk up small government and have a jolly feeling in my bones when someone somewhere gets rich, plus dozens of other simplistic stereotypes too numerous to reproduce here.

Through the auspices of CoreEcon I learnt that a blog about blogging blogged (phew!) a list of the top 100 Australian blogs, as measured by traffic (Alexa) and referrals (Technorati).

Once I got past the gnawing gap in my vanity which Club Troppo’s (and my own) absence meant, I began visiting the sites starting with #1. And began to ask: whatever happened to boring, hard-work-and-spit capitalism?

Of the top 10, about half are happy clap capitalists, up to their eyeballs in articles like Drive More Traffic To Your Website And Retire To Live Like a Sultan, or Excellent Email Campaign Strategies, or More Bullshit Do-It-Yourself Titles Fairly Obviously Designed To Appeal To The Morons Who Vote On Digg. Complete with yank fake friendliness and exclamation marks! On every single sentence! Isn’t that cheerful!

I didn’t think this disease had reached our shores quite so much vigour. That it had such deep and popular roots amongst us. I don’t begrudge that Hot Rock Country Event earns a handsome ranking – Mark is a fine blogger and has gathered to his site other well-written lefties for which there’s a market. I am surprised JQ didn’t get a good billing given the wide notice which is usually paid to his work. I am mostly surprised that so few of the top 10 sites were about things I associate with the “cream” of the Australian blog scene, and more about How To Make $$$ By Setting Up A Site Called “How To Make $$$ By Setting Up A Site”.

Postscript: I should probably add that this rant ignores some of the genuinely impressive sites I found, like this guy, whose web design is superb. The rant might also reflect that I’m sick, tired and forgot to take my meds this morning.

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8 Responses to Happy Clapping Capitalism

  1. Jacques Chester says:

    Still more hilariously, my post immediately below this snarky one sort of asks “Can’t We All Get Along?”

    I’m going to get my meds right now and damn the notes on the back.

  2. At about 2 am last night I too drifted into browsing the “Top Aus Blogs.”

    What a shock. My conclusions are about the same as yours.

    With a few exceptions the Top Blogs resembled blogs only by use of the software and name. The majority had little or no comments, no exchange or clash of ideas and nothing in the way of analysis or “writing”.

    Indeed it seemed I had fallen into an endless link fest between the “top blogs” or an online Amway MLM scam.

    The majority of these “blogs” had content so thin as to be transparent and almost all were selling some undefined product. [mainly how to make money online as far as I can see]

    Anything that might possibly be called content was a collection of MLM boostering clich

  3. Susan says:

    I found you on the Top 100 on Craig Harper’s site. You are firmly planted at number 87 and rightly so.

    My understanding, according to Darren Rowse (Problogger), is that Meg’s list was born out of Craig’s list.

    Congratulations Jacques!

  4. Ross says:

    Spot on Susan.

    I also found Club Troppo on Craig Harper’s site and yes you are right. It is ranked at #87.

    How could an iconic blog like Club Troppo be left off any top 100 Australian Blog List.

    In case you are interested Susan I found the article on Darren’s site describing how the lists came to be.

    Well Done Club Troppo. You are the first blog I read every day.

  5. Duncan says:

    As someone on that list (top 10) I can say with some certainty that I’m not a happy clappy capitalist, but I ask this question: what’s wrong with being so? if you’re really libertarian shouldn’t it be a matter of letting the market decide?

    Should you have been on this list? absolutely, but lets give Meg a break here, we’ve lacked this sort of thing in the Australian blogosphere in the past, there’s no starting point, she’s giving it a fair shot, and it can always be approved.

    As for there being a “cream” of the Australian blogosphere, all we have so far is grouping of insular cliques, which is half the reason collectively we haven’t gotten together and made a bigger impact in our country than many others have overseas. You probably don’t know me from a bar of soap, and yet I know half (roughly) of the top twenty, some very well. My only ask is that you consider the broader picture, that (OK, this is wanky) Together Everyone Achieves More. Lets look to the positives, lets get these lists sorted, and lets get out there promoting Australian blogs and bloggers, no matter the flavour.

  6. Jacques Chester says:


    If you look again at my remarks, it’s just a personal feeling. In principle I support anyone posting anything, and good on them for doing so well. It’s just personal distaste born of vanity and previous exposure to happy clappy churches and Amwayesque shemes.

    I agree it gets insular sometimes, but that’s the nature of the internet; of life in general really. Incidentally I thought your site was pretty good.

  7. Homer Simpson says:

    MMmmmm. Amway shemales. Wait, what?

  8. Jacques Chester says:

    Ha ha ha! Well spotted! So much for my reputation as a pedantic so and so. It’s worth leaving the typo in just for your remark :)

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