Heinz Arndt 1915 – 2002

For more than three decades, from the late 1940s to the 1980s, Heinz Arndt was the most prolific and energetic economist in Australia. His prodigious output of articles, books, lectures, conference papers, reviews and reports is testimony to his productivity. For twenty years he was a member of the editorial board of the Economic Record, serving as editor for many years. He was President of the Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand, and President of Section G (Economics) of ANZAAS. He wrote or co-wrote seven books, edited two collections of articles by various authors on the Australian economy, published six collections of his own essays, and produced more than a hundred articles, reports, book reviews and published lectures.

From an overview of Heinz Arndt’s career by Selwyn Cornish.

The major biography of Heinz Arndt has been produced by three sets of hands. Peter Coleman, Selwyn Cornish and Peter Drake collaborated to trace his life from his childhook in wartime Germany, through his flight from Hitler’s Germany, internment in Canada, higher education in Oxford and his long, productive career in Australia. The book is also a tribute to his wife Ruth who will be remembered as a wonderful person in her own right. His daughter Bettina has added a small section to give a closer perspective on these two talented, industrious and deeply caring people.

A wide range of tributes and additional information about his life and work cn be found by a google search. He has been honoured by a lecture series. The fourth was held in March this year.

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alex millmow
alex millmow
14 years ago

see today’s canberra times opinion pages for a review of the arndt book by the three authors cheers alex millmow