Blogging do in Brissie tomorrow night – Wed 25th

A reminder that there’s a bit of a ‘do’ on tomorrow night in Brisbane. At Hotel Bravo, 455 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley at 8 pm. A couple of maps are below the fold. If you’d like to come mbahnisch (at) gmail (dot) com would appreciate an email. See you there!map0pcf0kwntm6zlysvz.gifmap0pcf0kwntm6zjsvst.gif

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14 years ago

I’ve never understood the attraction of Fortitude Valley. Shit of a place to get to at any time, no parking worth speaking of and cramped, dingy little venues where too many yups pack in to out-do each other in the shouting stakes.

What’s wrong with the front bar of the Treasury, I’d like to know?

14 years ago

there’s actually parking at Hotel Bravo, free even.

It’s also fairly spacious and clean, and not overly loud…

Mark Bahnisch
14 years ago

Here’s a post with some pictures. I think a fun night was had by all!