Club Troppo is now 3000 posts old.

I just noticed that we’ve ticked over this milestone today – Troppo has 3000 published posts in the database going back to 2003 — ie since it was Troppo Armadillo hosted by Scott Wickstein. You can relive those heady days by tripping back through our archives.

What next for Club Troppo? Most of you know that we’re finalising the fund raising effort. Next will come the purchase of a brand new server for the site and relocation to the machine room of the University Computer Club at UWA. Hopefully this will usher in a new era of speed, availability and features.

So here’s to all you Troppo tragics: Happy 3k day!

Edit: Mark Bahnisch reminds me to spruik the Club Troppo facebook group.

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5 Responses to Club Troppo is now 3000 posts old.

  1. Geoff Honnor says:

    That’s “Wickstein” I think, Jacques.

  2. Jacques Chester says:

    I’m a stinker aren’t I? Fixed.

  3. Happy 3k day!

    You haven’t promoted the Troppo Facebook group here yet, Jacques?

  4. Jacques Chester says:

    It never occurred to me that I had to :)

  5. Scott Wickstein says:

    Gosh, is it that long ago since I hosted a bevy of blogs. Time does fly.

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