The Baconsphere

If you’ve ever wanted to make a burger with 100% pure bacon or you need a recipe for caramelized bacon then I’ve got links for you. Welcome to the baconsphere!

"Bacon is totally meat candy," says bacon enthusiast Heather Lauer. Heather blogs at Bacon Unwrapped. See Heather’s recipe for caramelized bacon here.

"A while back I heard about the Flavor Spray™ Diet," says the anonymous author of I Heart Bacon. Apparently the spray is meant to eliminate fat-rich "toppings, gravies, dressings" and give back the flavour diets take out. But the I Heart Bacon blogger didn’t care that the spray was endorsed by former Miss USA, Chelsea Cooley –the ad said that it tasted like bacon:

I was still unclear about how I was supposed to use them. I suspected that I should spray them on food, but I wanted instant gratification after waiting that long. I decided to spray the bacon flavor directly onto my tongue. What could it hurt?

As usual, my naive innocence led my astray. It hurt bad.

It was like bathing my tongue in a tubful of liquid smoke. All I could taste was smoke. Was my tongue on fire? After that came the harsh chemical aftertaste. Choking and gasping for air I made my way to the sink. You know how they make those eye bath cups for chemical burns? I wanted one for my tongue.

I thought that maybe the parmesan one would be better…

I Heart Bacon has links to other bacon blogs like The Bacontarian, "a person who supplements an otherwise normal diet with large amounts of pork!"

"We feel sad for them for they know not the ecstasy that is nature’s perfect food" say the team at Six Degrees of Bacon. Six Degrees’ authors include Mr Flitch, Chef Guanciale and General Hogwashington. But rather than being a hobby, the blog was created by marketing firm Optiem as "a sandbox to test out a wide variety of online and word-of-mouth marketing techniques." According to Optiem president Jeff Rohrs, there’s a passionate group of people out there discussing bacon. And that’s just what marketers need.

Rohrs himself seems to have a passion for smallgoods. He is also the author of The Sausage Manifesto — an open letter to paid search networks on behalf of pay per click (PPC) advertisers.

If all this talk about bacon is making you hungry, here’s a tasty recipe from The Bacon Show — "one bacon recipe per day, every day, forever."

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14 Responses to The Baconsphere

  1. Jason Soon says:

    This is all very interesting Don, but when are you bringing back the Dr Troppo agony aunt columns?

  2. Enemy Combatant says:

    Don’s bringing the beetroot, Doc’s got bacon……
    I geddit! This is Barbecue Blog week.

  3. Patrick says:

    Who needs a recipe for bacon? Take any recipe, add bacon :)

  4. Dear Dr Troppo,

    I am confused and if I might be frank, disappointed.

    My eyes lit up when I saw your name.

    After all this time.

    But like Jason I was let down.

    Why are you offering us advice on bacon when we haven’t even asked?

    Where were you when we were wondering about many things on this blog – lost and confused. Nowhere that’s where.

    Where is your assistant?

    Are you just another post-modernist?

    Do you think that anything goes?

    If so, count me out.

    Why do you hate our way of life?


    Port Melbourne.

  5. Don Arthur says:

    Dr Gruen,

    You are disappointed? How odd.

    What is it you expect from me?

  6. While I am a strong supporter of the ability of bacon to improve pretty much any dish (including most desserts), I’m not sure the bacon burger is such a great idea. Balance in everything, I say :)

  7. Andrew Leigh says:

    Homer: Are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Pork chops?
    Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
    Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

  8. Tony T. says:

    Bacon? Beetroot? What’s next? Barbeque Sauce?

  9. Tony T. says:

    Sorry, just saw EC’s comment.

  10. david tiley says:

    No mention of the bacon joint.

    A wondrous thing not evident in Australian butchers, sadly.

  11. Helen says:

    Coming soon: the colostomy blog.
    They can blogroll each other.

  12. Mark McGrath says:

    Sorry, but this post forced my hand…

    John & Pauline’s Australia is blessed with a magazine called “Bacon Busters“!!!

    Australias only magazine dedicated to pig hunting, Bacon Busters has now become an icon on the hog hunting scene in this country.

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