Punishment for the open sourcer

From PC Pro:

He’s already endured five months in prison. But now a Linux user convicted of piracy is facing the ultimate punishment – he’s being forced to run Windows. Scott McCausland was the one time administrator of the Elite Torrents, until the FBI shut it down and he was convicted of piracy. After serving his jail sentence he is now free and ready to use his computer – but there is a catch.

As part of his sentence, monitoring software needs to installed on his computer. Unfortunately for McCausland the software is incompatible with his preferred Ubuntu operating system, which means he will have to install Windows instead.

There’s no word as to whether he will be asked to purchase the software himself, or whether he is readying himself to take the plunge. Either way, it’s a harsh rehabilitation for a Linux fan.

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16 years ago

Shall we speculate on whether or not he would be heading back to prison if he had been using the monitoring software on Windows Vista during the WGA crash last week? :- )

16 years ago

I’m pretty sure that he’ll getting it running with emulation software.