Apparition from Hell

Watching this interview on Thursday night, as Paul Lennon explained that his job is to grow the Tasmanian economy and attract big investors; that he had no choice but to bend the rules to get the pulp mill approved in time; that ‘the Greens are a political party in Tasmania opposed to industrial development, full stop’; and that the ‘international, independent scientific experts’ he appointed (to replace the retired judge who couldn’t grasp that his enquiry was supposed to rubber-stamp the deal) must know what they are doing because they ‘have been working in the pulp and paper industry for more than 40 years’… watching this, as I say, I had a strange and horrible vision. Words can’t quite describe it, so you’ll have to click on the picture.

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Nicholas Gruen
16 years ago

I can’t see any problem. My goodness me. My word I can’t.

16 years ago

It is a recurring fantasy that an island at the wrong end of the world will become a powerhouse of trade and industry. Inevitably it simply becomes a whore eager to sell its charms cheap (hydro power or woodchips) on the promise of better industries to come, which of course never eventuate.

Don Wigan
Don Wigan
16 years ago

That moustache is as offensive as the bush UN Trojan Horse, Boulton

Andrew Reynolds
16 years ago

Well, if you are going to be up a tree in a barbed-wire canoe without a paddle then chopping down the tree is a good thing, surely. If it hits the greenies chained to it on the way down then, well, don’t you worry about that and, if anyone complains, then the greatest thing that could happen to the state and nation is when we get rid of all the media … then we could live in peace and tranquillity and no one would know anything.
Joh did move to Tassie for a while, didn’t he? Any chance Lennon is channelling him?

Backroom Girl
16 years ago

Of course, Joh originally came from New Zealand, which some people might think is Tassie’s closest relative. And I think he was descended from the Danish loggers that did such a good job of cutting down all the native forests in the southern part of the North Island.

16 years ago

the Greens are a political party in Tasmania opposed to industrial development, full stop

Nothing inaccurate at all about that statement.