7_overall.jpg8_wales.jpgHere are a couple of monuments , the first recently errected in Dublin, the second on the drawing boards. They’re by the same architect. Where Melbourne got the angular yellow beams of Denton Corker Marshall, Dublin and soon Wales will have the gleaming spires of Ian Richie Architects. There’s a nice slide show about it here.

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16 years ago

Thanks Nick. I’ve just watched a rather grim Irish TV drama for the past two Friday nights on ABCTV called ‘Proof’, set in contemporary Dublin. There were many shots of O’Connell St outside the post office used as segues between scenes, and in each one this bloody great illuminated spire. Where did that come from, I thought. It wasn’t there last time I walked down O’Connell Street and took in the bullet holes on the post office facade left over from the Easter Rebellion. But then that was 1992, I think. How Dublin must have changed: the celtic tiger roars on.