Graham Young and the Liberal Party

Like many of you I saw this on facebook:

Graham Young is fighting attempts to expel him from the Liberal Party this Sunday.

This is Graham’s article on Ambit Gambit from July describing the situation and why the party is seeking to throw him out. I hope Graham gets the result he wants.

Despite the Liberal Party’s run of power at the national level they no longer have any penetration at the state level and there is a high probability of them being voted out of government in the upcoming federal election. One of the problems the Liberal Party has is that they have very few decent political commentators that are for their cause.

Most of the Liberal Party commenteriat is not liberal, but the modern style of authoritarian conservative. We see flat earth type trolls like Andrew Bolt, permanent state of emergency advocates like Janet Albrechtson or commentators such as Tim Blair who guarantees no ‘leftie’ makes a spelling error. There are very few self-identified Liberal Party supporters who write rational, well written, well thought out, liberalist political and electoral commentary. Graham is one of those few.

It appears the Liberal party is going to do a pretty ugly stint in the wilderness for the next few years and will need good commentators to bring the party back to its core liberal political beliefs rather than the authoritarian affirmation of being in power for the sake of it.

They are going to need people like Graham Young to do it.

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16 years ago

Hear! Hear!

16 years ago

..very few decent political commentators that are for their cause.

So right, Cam. After years of these buggers it never occurred to me there could be a good suite of them – it’s a revelation to imagine what might have happened over the last decade had there been more than the clowns in support of the Coalition.

Pictures of jesters with funny hats and coloured-dot suits jerking bristle-eyed across the forecourt come to mind, and fawning mindless nudies squirming on the tiles, with Benny Hill type colonels on a parapet of raked up leaves looking solemnly over, themselves wary of the Walter Mitty generals in full battle regalia court-parading back and forth in the background. Maybe throw in a befuddled mix of the lot, in the form of the Belushi brother from Animal House, replete with backward faced watch, scrambling like a crab crossed with an arcade game between covers of bushes, dustbins and corners – ready for action. Yessir!!

But if there were good commentators as mentioned, one wonders how much they’d have suffered in the purposely dumbed down national debate.

Wait! Here comes a squadron leader with furrowed brow and fake handgrenades for testicles – must run!