The election via Google

I’d not seen this before – though many better travelled Troppodillians will have. For those that have not – you read it first on Troppo!

With the company slogan ruling out evil things, Google continues (so far) to do good things.

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Paul Martin
16 years ago

Wow, that’s remarkable. This really places a lot more information into the individual’s hands, rather than depending on the admittedly reliable Antony Green and Kerry O’Brien on election night.

Following the tutorial, I was able to ascertain some 34 coalition seats held with margins of 3% or less. If the ALP can hold onto what it has and grab all those marginal seats (which is not unthinkable), that would indicate a bloodbath for the incumbents. Oh please, if there is a god….

Paul Martin
16 years ago

Errata: actually it’s only 12 seats, all held by the Liberals (5 are held with a margin of less than 1%, and 7 with a 1-3% margin).

Adrian of Nowra
Adrian of Nowra
16 years ago

Notice though how all the promotion for this feature and much of the data from the site is heavily weighted towards the government. Even the graph they showed between Howard and Rudd had Howard in front.

Go through many of the Coalition held seats and click on the Candidates tab and you will find the message something along the lines of data to come when available with no other information. This is the case for the electorate I live in even though the Labor candidate is very well known and has stood for the seat for a long time now, yet there is absolutely no information on him, yet pages for the sitting Liberal member, all complimentary and spin like.