Seminar: What would Friedrich Hayek have thought of Regulation Review? Is it mired in the central planning paradigm?

deming_w_edwards_200.gifhayek11.jpgWhat have these two men got in common?

And who the hell is the guy on the right anyway?

Find out at a seminar I’ll be leading tomorrow, Tuesday 25th September from 12.30-1.30pm in Seminar Room 4, on the 1st Floor of the J.G. Crawford Bldg – the Public Policy School adjacent to the famous Shine Dome in Acton.

Here’s an outline:

  • Why didnt Australia make the keyless car?
  • Regulation Review
  • Enduring problems with Regulation
  • Hayeks critique of Scientism
  • Toyotas critique of Taylorism/Fordism
  • Regulation review as regulatory Taylorism
  • Some proposed (partial) responses

Pre-reading of Hayek is here. It’s a good read, though rather long and in some ways unnecessarily erudite for the purposes to which it’s being put in the seminar. Chapter X “Engineers and Planners” is a good extract to read – whether you’re coming or not!

If you want a ready comparison between Frieda and Friedrich Hayek, you can probably do worse than this assessment.

PS: Of course that last sentence is nonsense. I meant Salma Hayek, though managed to conjure up an alternative first name presumably from Friedrich and from the name of the person she played in a movie about Frida Kahlo.

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Tony T.
16 years ago

Is that WED on the right?

Mark Bahnisch
16 years ago

On the right we have W Edwards Deming? Ok WED.