I am standing for Parliament.

On Friday I decided to stand for the House of Representatives in the seat of Solomon.

It’s not an easy choice. I am a student: during the election period I have three assignments due and four exams to sit. I am in Western Australia, Solomon covers Darwin and its surrounds. I am standing for the Liberty & Democracy Party, which is a small voice in Australian politics.

I quite like the incumbent, David Tollner. I worked for him for a year. But David is John Howard’s man in Darwin. I think that Darwin, the NT and the country would be better served by the LDP’s policies, not the Coalition’s.

Ken thinks I’m crazy to do this. So do my family. They might be right, but I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s too easy to sit on the sidelines and say how it ought to be done, rather than to get up and try and do it. There is no better time to push for a free, just and prosperous nation than now.

Soon I will have a website at chester4solomon.com, but in the meantime if you want to help out, please email me: [email protected]

Update: The chester4solomon site is now active.

Update 2:
It looks like I will be campaigning in Solomon after all.

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30 Responses to I am standing for Parliament.

  1. Enemy Combatant says:

    “but Im doing it because its the right thing to do.”

    Being true to yourself; refusing to live in someone else’s dream is always the right thing to do, JC. Long may you run.

  2. Jack Robertson says:

    Gutsy decision, Jacques, all the best with the campaign.

  3. Duncan says:

    Never heard of the party before today, but now I have I know where my vote will be going, at least in the Senate in WA (there’s no local candidate where I live).

  4. Doctor Patient says:

    Go get ’em Jacques. If elected remembe you’ll need plenty of air sickness tablets. I hope you like Rome, Paris, New York, London and Vienna. I understand there are plenty of facts to be discovered in those locations. Don’t be afraid of filing plenty of T/A forms. See if you can beat that lout from Tasmania who turned O’Possum Bay into a capital city. Why not turn Katherine or Rum Jungle into a capital city just for fun.

  5. cam says:

    Good luck Jacques, and good on you for having a go.

  6. JohnZ says:

    Good on you Jacques, I think a quick Q&A is in order.

    Do you stand by this part of the LDP platform:

    Those who wish to carry a concealed firearm for self-defence are entitled to be issued with a permit to do so unless they have a history or genuine prospect of coercion.


    There should be no special prohibitions on semi-automatic firearms.

    Being more specific, should I be allowed to carry semi-automatic pistols into a crowded shopping mall?

  7. Jacques Chester says:


    My answer is that I remain at odds with the party on that point, but it’s not my priority. See my post on the topic: http://clubtroppo.com.au/2007/04/19/libertarians-easier-to-wedge-than-lefties/

  8. derrida derider says:

    Well, there’s no way in a pink fit I’d vote for your party (especially given Johnz’s post) but good on you for having a go – best of luck.

  9. Wicking says:

    Luckily I’ll be back from leave just in time, Jacques, to lampoon you mercilessly via incisive editorial cartoons. Apologies in advance. Heh heh.

  10. Niall says:

    Well done, young man!

  11. ChrisPer says:

    In Western Australia, Peter Whelan is standing for the LDP for the Senate. He is from outside the state; yet you are from WA and are standing in the NT. What’s up with that?

    In respect of the firearm policies, I feel they are unrealistic. It is better to be effective than right. If you can’t get elected in big numbers you can’t implement radically different policies, even if they are based on accurate observations.

    This policy does not offer any hope of countering the hate laws of 1996, because they are by Australian standards MORE radical than fruitloop Green policies.

    So Jaques, will I see you at the LDP launch in Perth?

  12. David Rubie says:

    Another question: Does a party that puts up The Bird as a candidate (for Dobell) qualify for some kind of special needs funding? I’m all for equal opportunity, but doesn’t that seem a little beyond the valley of sensibility? Why does the LDP hate the citizens of Dobell?

  13. Yobbo says:

    Another question: Does a party that puts up The Bird as a candidate (for Dobell) qualify for some kind of special needs funding?

    You should see some of the candidates the major parties have put up over the years. Compared to them, Bird is King Solomon.

  14. David Rubie says:

    That’s dead right Yobbo. You ought to be grateful when I kick you in the nuts, because everybody else wanted to stab you!

  15. Jacques Chester says:

    yet you are from WA and are standing in the NT. Whats up with that?

    I was born and raised in Darwin.

    In respect of the firearm policies, I feel they are unrealistic.


  16. JohnZ says:

    Compared to them, Bird is King Solomon.

    Wow. I’ve met bird and I literally cannot think of a worse candidate for the LDP. Seriously.

    I sure hope he’s paying his own AEC fees.

  17. Graham Bell says:

    Jacques Chester:

    Good on you!! Democracy in Austrlia may be severly injured but so long as people like you are prepered to stand up, it still stands a chance of surviving.

    Beware of the news media. They will do their best to ignore you because you are outside the One-Faction-Three-Parties swindle. If they do contact you, be ready to be misquoted, quoted out of context, have serious ommissions from what you said. Don’t blame the journalists; they’re only doing their job; the dirty tricks always come from higher up.

    Door knocking with a note book and talking to people face-to-face is always more effective than horribly expensive ads [the obvious downside is that withour huge electorates, you’ll never get to talk to everyone]. Promise nothing; people prefer someone who is fair dinkum instead.

    Best of luck.

  18. Jason Soon says:

    I have no problems with the LDP being seen as pro-gun in terms of getting rid of excess kneejek regulations on recreational shooting. On that basis I am pro-gun myself but I sure wish they would just get rid of that bit JohnZ just highlighted.

  19. Bring Back CL's blog says:

    Do Pro-gun parties have the candidates of the highest calibre

  20. Tex says:

    should I be allowed to carry semi-automatic pistols into a crowded shopping mall?

    That should be left up to the owner of the mall.

  21. derrida derider says:

    Homer, I think your pun misfired.

  22. Liam says:

    That’s hard to gauge, derrida derrider. At least he had a shot.

  23. Jason Soon says:

    Homer always shoots blanks

  24. Bring Back CL's blog says:

    Actually My answers are .44 magmum punk and you must be feeling lucky

  25. ChrisPer says:

    The idea of movieland-style concealed carry is ludicrous in Australia. It is a strawman idea that lets people imagine their neighbours as dangerous lunatics.

    But there are a number of dead Australians who might have been saved, knowing their danger from an ex-spouse or an offended bikie gangster, yet were not allowed in law the option of proper self-defense.

    But SO irrelevant to the business of getting elected in this election.

  26. Graham Bell says:

    Jacques Chester:
    How the hell did your announcement of your candidacy get sidetracked into guns? This is Club Troppo, not the electronic opium of commercial TV.

  27. Jacques Chester says:

    It always happens, Graham. Which is what I keep saying to people.

  28. I agree that a more moderate (but still relatively liberal) gun law policy would be preferable. But you’ll never find a party that you agree with 100%.

    The primary problem with gun laws today is that legal shooters are unfairly demonised, over-regulated and taxed for their sporting choice. Conceal & carry should be a debate for another day.

    Having said that, I don’t think the police are normally more fit to carry a firearm, and they manage not to kill people on a daily basis. So I think the fear campaign against guns is often over-played. But I guess fear is the prime currency in politics so we need to be aware of that.

    Anyway, as Jacques says, it’s not a central issue for us. Our main concern is the nanny state & the tax level.

    Congrats Jacques, and good luck!

  29. ChrisPer says:

    JESU H F’n C on a stick! Why are the LDP running IVAN MILAT’s sister-in-law as a pro-shooter candidate?

    I firmly believe that individuals should be judged on themselves, not others who have no relationship to them – this looks like a GREAT way to see if people will change their vote to support that principle.

    The news report I saw today looks like it is already being archly used to show what kind of people sporting shooters are. Top move LDP.

  30. ChrisPer says:

    Now she has been on A Current Affair, and it seems she has set the shooters cause back ten years single-handed. To quote a shooter on the LDP blog:

    “You clowns have gone too far this time, your agenda of trying to destroy what’s left of the shooting community is finally exposed. You have nothing to offer Aussie shooters except grief and ammunition for the antis.”

    I don’t care if she gets a few votes from people who think ACA took advantage of her innocence, if the price of that is damaging the image of all active shooters.

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