A strange scene


This scene unfolded during an electioneering wander by John Howard through a shopping centre complete with all the hoopla of cameramen etc.

A woman was knocked over.  The video which can be accessed at the bottom of the page here only begins after the woman has hit the deck, so it doesn’t provide the full context.  In any event, once she’s lying there the PM looks on bemused for a while and no-one comes to her aid.  The PM seems to be commenting on things, but it’s not clear who’s talking from the tape.  His entourage likewise look on without doing anything and then someone comes to her aid.  After watching a little longer, the party moves on it seems to meet the next voter.

I expect it’s a difficult thing to know what to do at least in such an artificial situation.  I think I would have gone directly to her aid.  I think it’s a bit harder for the minders than the PM, but it’s a natural thing to do.  (Perhaps I mean the exact opposite.  It’s something that most of our conditioning – or mine – leads me to do).  Anyway, he looked as if he suddenly felt quite out of place and didn’t know what to do.  Strange all round really.

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16 years ago

The best thing you can do to come to her aid is call an ambo and then go about your business and not clog up the joint gawking for when they arrive. Presumably that was done. Otherwise, who wants a dozen strangers groping at you in their own attempt to be seen to be caring?

Having been in those rolling media mauls, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

16 years ago

There are people in contact with her, kneeling beside her from the beginning of the tape so were there before the tape starts.

Ken Lovell
16 years ago

Retailers in malls must loathe election campaigns nearly as much as residents of aged care homes.

16 years ago

A strange scene – Howard \’The Fall\’…

I love this photo, is he berating her?…

16 years ago

Remniscient of Ali vs Liston in the 1st minute.

16 years ago

…and shortly thereafter, Little Johnny beat a hasty retreat. For once I agree with Graham Young. Definitely NOT a good look.

16 years ago

Yobbo, perfect call.

murph the surf
murph the surf
16 years ago

I blame the Chaser Team.
Would any politician leave themselves open to a bizarre spoof in such a situation?
The PM whoever they are has minders who should have evolved a strategy for these moments and that is surely a bipartisan position.