Things looking crook for the Libs

I don’t s’pose that’s news. but this graph from today’s morning Crikey! provides the relevant “compared to whats”.

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The Worst of Perth
16 years ago

The 3 worms of the apocalypse.

Bingo Bango Boingo
Bingo Bango Boingo
16 years ago

The question of who will win this election has become a little boring. The interesting party political issues now revolve around how the Liberal Party will avoid suffering the mother of all electoral smashings in three years’ time (we probably ought to assume, for the moment anyway, that there will be no domestic economic meltdown and that Rudd will adopt the ‘steady as she goes but abolish WorkChoices’ approach in his first term). Does anyone really doubt that the Liberal Party will devour itself following the now-unfolding debacle? It won’t be pretty.


16 years ago

How about the Coalition somehow holds half the Senate (looking unlikely at present) and blocks the repeal of WorkChoices. Double dissolution results in 12 months, and suffer enormously, just as the ALP would have if the Dems hadn’t played footsie with the Coalition over its original Workplace laws and a DD been called. Would be most amusing.