Stupidest sentence of punditry in the campaign. You propose, you decide . . .

Yes Troppodillians, a new Troppo competition – hopefully you’ll just keep coming back till 24th November when you will have weightier concerns on your mind.

Please record in comments, the stupidist bit of punditry you’ve seen in the campaign so far. I confess I’m convening this competition on the spur of the moment, and my choice was instant. There may be stupider things said. I may even have read them. And the author of this one may have said some worthwhile things – though the particular article from which this comes has been fairly comprehensively firewalled from any such risk.

And the first entry is . . . .

Below the fold.

“But can he [Rudd] win?

Well, that depends. If the swing is on, its on, and it will be an unstoppable force.”

Well there you have it. If the swing is on, it’s on. Seems obvious once it’s pointed out.

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16 Responses to Stupidest sentence of punditry in the campaign. You propose, you decide . . .

  1. So what if the swing isn’t on? Does that means it’s not on?

  2. Kevin Rennie says:

    My favourite is from Gerard McManus, as quoted yesterday in Poll Bludger:
    “this could still mean that WA, which is three hours behind the east, may determine the final outcome very late on Saturday night”. Full post at: Nial biting poll tipped
    He obviously hasn’t heard that WA has daylight saving, hence a 2 hour gap. With the time correction, I’ve have suggested this possibility on occasion. See psepholgy in blog:
    Labor View from Broome

  3. Niall says:

    I’d like to nominate just about anything from Caroline Overington. Do I have to choose just one entry?

  4. timboy says:

    Dennis Shanahan on the ‘narrowing’ of the polls, that to most observers have looked pretty stable for the last 9 months.

  5. crocodile says:

    I reckon Mrs Pyne writing to the females of Sturt “Please vote for Christopher, otherwise he’ll be out of a job”.

  6. LuckyPhil says:

    Hockey: “our fear campaign is based on fact”

  7. Kymbos says:

    I have a hunch that Overington is being paid to make Shanahan look less bad…

  8. saint says:

    I’m with lucky Phil. The avuncular Joe.

  9. Shaun says:

    Jeez that is some potent stupidty from Overington. It was felt 3,900 miles from the epicentre.

  10. Nabakov says:

    It’s not over yet.

  11. Lucky Phil – I can’t see what’s wrong with our fear campaign is based on fact.

  12. D W Griffiths says:

    Before everyone piles onto Caroline Overington, it’s worth remembering that her pursuit of the AWB scandal was some of the better news journalism this country has seen in recent years. She earnt respect with that work. I make no comment on her coverage of Wentworth.

  13. David Rubie says:

    Tony Abbott: “Sleepwalking into a change of government”.

    I think he meant to say he was sleepwalking as part of the government, given how much effort he put into the health portfolio this year :)

  14. I endorse what DWG says. I really bear no animus towards the victim of my post. These people are expected to churn out vast quantities of punditry – and it’s hardly surprising that it’s quality is so low. Still, it was a special sentence.

  15. timboy says:

    Brad Norington of the Australian just had a dig at it on Sky news, commenting on a possible change of government:

    ‘There is no such thing as change-less change’

    Very profound.

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