Topalov v Kramnik – the rematch

As you can see from the video above, there was no love lost between probable chess cheat Veselin Topalov and his nemisis in a recent world championship battle, Vladimir Kramnik. Anyway, though in previous comps Topalov looks like he’s managed to pick up the odd surreptitious signal from his team I presume he did it all on his own against Kramnik this time – with the help of a pre-prepared speculative piece sacrifice. Not unusually for a Topalov game, the ordinary laws of chess (or of what makes a good move) seem to be suspended for a surprisingly long period of time, shortly after which it was all over.

Is Topalov better than Kramnik? Well I guess on his day he is. Anyway, I wonder how much of modern chess involves players of roughly similar abilities trying to ambush each other with unusual moves like this one – so that one player has spend a few months studying a very sharp position with immediate tactical possibilities checked out by Fritz and other silicon enhanced brains, with trainers adding to the computers’ armoury as the player tries to understand the positional possibilities after the initial tactical flurry.

It’s a remarkable game – play it through with full commentary here.

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The Doctor
The Doctor
16 years ago

Junta’s one tough nut to crack. Regularly gets into what most people would call time-trouble against extremely strong players – and still wins in very complex tactical positions. While the commentary on Topalov-Kramnik game talks about King’s Gambit positions, there is a well known line of the Two Knights Defence – Cochrane’s Gambit which also sacs a Knight on f7.