Obama gains momentum . . .

In the light of Obama’s latest wins, here’s Gary Hart arguing for Obama in much the same terms I would. Hart was the ‘Obama’ candidate against Mondale in 1984 and the Democrats showed their now famous ability to pick a loser.

Whether Obama will be much good or not is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping he will be.

And I think he’s more likely to win than Hillary.  In fact I can’t see how Hillary could possibly win once the Republicans and Fox News get going.

And I’m longing for the discredited Republican Party to spend some time remediating in the wilderness so it can become a little more like the conservative/free market parties in other countries instead of the populist freak show of class warfare, capital punishment, torture, crony capitalism, routine dishonesty, anti-science and creationism it has become.

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16 years ago

The US is doomed. The current choices are:

– right wing black guy
– right wing woman
– right wing white war freak
– right wing white religious freak

They’ll go for the right wing white war freak.

Let’s hope the US goes out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Bwca Bwican
16 years ago

Obama’s heritage isn’t RightWing going by this I just read at vanityfair.com.
“Barack Hussein Obama owes his very existence to a defiance of conventional odds. He was born and came of age in Hawaii, the 50th state and in many ways among the freest-thinking, where mixed-race ancestry is such a given that residents refer to their own backgrounds as chop suey or poi dog, where hotel-room bureau drawers hold not only the Gideon Bible but the Book of Mormon and the Teachings of the Buddha, and where bumper stickers urge, wag more, bark less. If Obama comes across as a bit of a softyif you dont see the toughness or the ambition at firstit may be in part because he spent his formative years in a place where Live Aloha had not yet become a slogan aimed at recapturing a more gracious time, but was simply a way of life.

His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was the white daughter of a Kansas furniture and insurance salesman who had wanted a son, and who moved to Hawaii on the eve of statehood in search of a new lease on life. She loved the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. and the music of Mahalia Jackson, and thought Harry Belafonte was, as her son remembers, the best-looking man on the planet. At 18, she met and married Barack Hussein Obama Sr., a former Kenyan goatherd and an economist-in-training who had recently become the first African student in the history of the University of Hawaiithis in 1960, a time when inter-racial marriage was still illegal in almost half the mainland states. The couple divorced in 1963, when their son was just 2, and Barack met his father (who ultimately claimed paternity of a total of eight children by four women before dying in a car crash at age 52, in 1983) precisely once more in his lifefor a month, at Christmas, in Honolulu, when he was 10.

Ann next married an Indonesian national named Lolo Soetoro. She eventually began pursuing a Ph.D. in anthropology that required frequent fieldwork in Indonesia, and Barack spent four years of his childhood there, in the worlds most populous Muslim nation. Because his mother wanted Barack to have the best possible bite at the American Dream, she left him in Hawaii for much of his adolescence in the care of his maternal grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, who fed him a poly-cultural diet of sashimi and Jell-O with grapes, and got him admission and a scholarship to the prestigious Punahou School, in Honolulu. “

16 years ago

Obama gaining momentum.


O-mentum, anyone?

No, maybe not…/

Bwca Bwican
16 years ago

you did notice that ‘Hussein’ middle name …

I would rather have a woman than a Kenyan in the white house,
if Hillary moves in she has to bring Monica’s Obsession with her,
and many voters just don’t want Bill’s dick back under any of the desks there.