The master and his apprentice

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16 years ago

Only thing is THAT particular debate was the biggest setup of all time. It was later found that Dems filled the audience with their own supporters and fed them the questions. Bush realized it was a con job and was visibly distressed. Only thing was that looking at his watch was caught on camera it lost him the election. It was the election moment of 92.
As for the master…..

He’s a done a great job of losing his wife’s election who is toast now as a result of inserting himself in the campaign.

There are only apprentices in American elections. It’s all about catching that one big wave … the big mo and. Every election is different and anyone can come up looking like a genius one time and a fool the next.

Catch the wave and you look like a god.

And christ…. I’m that old… it only feels like yesterday when I was watching that debate. Cringing that Bush looked at his watch.