How many Australian bloggers are there, anyway?

Via Blogpond comes word of a Nielsen survey (PDF) claiming that 2.3 million Australians have blogs. This is probably bad news for the Missing Link crew, except that there’s no figures on what percentage are MySpace pages and still active.

More useful is the catalogues maintained by various folk such as The Australian Index or The latter places the figure of active blogs they follow at 5,000. Still a big task for your hard-working Missing Link team, who already have a catchment north of several hundred feeds.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying another server and setting up a WordPress hosting arrangement using the same software as do, and paying for traffic and collocation with a bit of advertising. The strengthening of the Australian dollar actually makes proper enterprise kit from Sun et al quite affordable — I can get an entry-level Sun rackmount with a service processor (ie I can diagnose and reboot it remotely if it crashes) for about $1500 today. When we bought the troppo server about 8 months ago the same hardware was $2400+ and thus out of our budget range. Amazing.

My main problem is that I suck at running servers. I’ll keep you updated.

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9 Responses to How many Australian bloggers are there, anyway?

  1. Niall says:

    don’t forget the ubiquitous Facebook. People with a Facebook page don’t seem to regard themselves as ‘bloggers’, yet it offers the same kind of access.

  2. may be allowing ads according to the forums. Harder to make design changes at .com, but at least it means they do all the servery stuff for you.

  3. Jacques Chester says:

    WoP: They do, and that’s their big advantage over self-hosting. On the other hand they don’t let you run your own plugins, which I’d consider.

  4. There’s still a lot of arguments about ads on .com. No javascript widgets or plugins, only html.

    I can’t believe there can be only 5000 of us with active blogs, nor can I believe there are 2.3 million.

  5. Richard Phillipps says:

    How do you start a blog? Does it cost much? Do you need much computer knowledge?

  6. Jacques Chester says:


    These days it can be as easy or as hard as you like. At the easy end there’s and which are free fully-hosted solutions. At the hard end there’s engaging wayward ex-law students to run your own server ;)

    If you’re brand new to it, I would suggest going in the hosted direction. If you like it and take to it, then you can move to a more fancy arrangement later.

  7. It’s easy Richard too easy. You don’t have a cat do you?

  8. Richard Phillipps says:

    Why? Do I need a cat? What sort of cat? Is it necessary that it be a live cat?

  9. Jacques Chester says:


    “catblogs” is a term of derision in some parts, even though blogs on and around the topic of felines get vast amounts of traffic and interest compared to serious highbrow stuff, or even serious lowbrow stuff.

    As for whether cat needs to be dead or alive, you may need to consult Dr Schroedinger.

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