Someone doesn’t like Obama

“At a personal level, few people are as charismatic, capable and ruthless as this mixed-race political phenomenon.” Read all about it.

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  1. conrad says:

    It seems to me that the media always talks about the discrepancy between how whites, blacks and hispanics like Obama, and what Obama’s Africanness means for the US, but I imagine the hidden majority like him for reasons that have nothing to do with that.

  2. SJ says:

    Sorry, off topic, but Nick can you republish on Club Troppo your piece in todays AFR (29/2/08)?

    I read it this morning and was very impressed. Your readers here who aren’t AFR subscribers would probably enjoy it too.

  3. Brendan Halfweeg says:

    I don’t like him because of his anti-free trade policies, his universal health care policies, his cap-and-trade CO2 global warming policies, his support for hate-crime statutes, his support for the war on drugs, and his pro-minimum wage stance.

    I’m sure there are other policy issues that would prevent me form supporting him.

  4. Vee says:

    Well that did seem to be racially motivated.

    That aside I don’t like Obama and I think that those that do are victims of groupthink. I don’t like Obama because a) his rhetoric doesn’t impress me much and b) Hillary’s health care plan is better and closer to our own.

    I think it is embarrassing for the US that it does not have this.

  5. Thanks SJ,

    Already done.

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