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The Victorian Government’s big new land release won’t solve the housing crisis if people can’t get there, argues Jeremy. Bridget Gread links to a Crikey! story about the same government paying bonuses for school principals who cut costs: this is, she says,

…evidence that performance-based pay is possible: just work your way up to principal, screw your colleagues over, save the department a fat wad of cash and walk away with enough for a new plasma TV and a trip to Fiji

Andrew Bartlett foreshadows positive reforms to federal political donation laws, but wonders whether donations by trade unions will be affected, while Andrew Norton argues that it’s the voters being bribed by the politicians not vice versa.


Publius issues a timely reminder that the popular vote count isn’t likely to reveal much about the end result in Texas because of the complexities of the system for selecting delegates, while Arleeshar draws attention to an especially cringe-inducing Obama ad (at right):

The US presidential system really does lend itself to personality cultism on a mass scale. I am very distrustful of any movement that requires ecstatic surrender.

Hilzoy examines justice Iraq-style

Robert Merkel reports that the Security Council has voted 14-0 to strengthen sanctions against Iran on the basis of the troubling IAFA report on that country’s nuclear program.


Tim Dunlop links to ABARE’s favourable forecast for exports.

Joshua Gans argues that Ross Gittins’ economic case for reduced immigration could equally be used to advocate a lower birth rate.

Peter Martin believes the Reserve Bank may be mistaken in its belief there it needs to increase unemployment to defend against inflation.

Issues analysis

David Tiley looks at the raw human consequences of the sub-prime mortgage debacle and rising rents in Australia. 

Terje Petersen analyses the pros and cons of legalising heroin.

Slashdot highlights a US study showing that daylight saving may not fade the curtains or put the chooks off the lay but it certainly wastes energy and costs more. 

Harry Clark looks at the most recent discussion on the Becker-Posner blog, about why girls do better than boys in education. ((Unfortunately, both Becker’s and Posner’s contributions merely speculate about the reasons (e.g. decreasing paternal authority affects boys more) without advancing any hard evidence.  I’m sure there’s some around somewhere.  This calls for an Andrew Leigh post ~ KP)) 

Henry Farrell interviews renowned legal academic Cass Sunstein on Bloggingheads.TV.  Sunstein is pessimistic about the nature of the influence blogs are having on political discourse:

Cass is pretty skeptical about the virtues of Internet communication; he believes that it is quite likely to lead to political polarization and perhaps extremism, and not to the kinds of thoughtful, deliberative exchanges between left and right that hed like to see.  


Paul Martin previews the French Film Festival currently on in Melbourne (and then touring various capitals not including Darwin). 

Perry Middlemiss interviews Adelaide author Kirsty Brooks, one of a series of crime fiction snapshot interviews by a group of ozlit bloggers for which Ben Peek claims credit.  Perry also does a quick roundup of MSM reviews of JM Coetzee’s latest book.

Meanwhile, Ben Peek also focuses on two new Demidenko-style authorial identity hoaxes.

Dr Faustus is excited that you can download the new Nine Inch Nails album free or cheap and legally.


Shaun is annoyed at the reporting on the Jared Hayne-being-shot-at incident, arguing that Hayne was not guilty of any ‘ugly behaviour’ despite darkly suggestive stories. ((Apart from the obvious of course, being associated with the Parramatta Eels.~gilmae)) ((not to mention associating in any way at all with that odious creep Gasnier ~ KP))

UK econoblogger Chris Dillow highlights research suggesting that day-night cricket games are inherently unfair to the team batting last, and suggests a solution.

Snark, strangeness and charm

RuddRLess didn’t do anything new today, but apparently it winds some people up when we link. What’s more, we’re a compassionate mob here at Missing Link, and the Libs need all the cheering up they can get (assuming this bilge will do that, of course).

Steve Edney Munn blogs on his first summer in his bush paradise (I knew I always confused him with one of those other Steves).

Tyler Cowen tells Cuban jokes.

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Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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16 years ago

4. gilmae: My brain had actually made a Saving Throw vs Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic to avoid reading about Gasnier the 15th level Gimp. []

16 years ago

Gilmae, you realise that Gary Gygax passed away today?

16 years ago

Yes. I was <rolls d20> not as sad as I thought I might be. But to celebrate the man and his enabling of my status as a Real Loony, I have decided to D&Dify all written communications.

When Gary Gygax died,
Real Men: Propose that he be buried with his weapons and dice and fight to be the one sacrificed and accompany him to Valhalla.
Real Roleplayers: Go out into the woods and dance naked around a fire, vanishing if anyone should intrude.
Real Loonys: Rolled d20 to gauge their reaction
Munchkins: Wondered what death is.

16 years ago

Errata: Steve Munn lives in the bush.
I feel your compassion, missing linkists.

16 years ago

I’ve noticed your comment Gilmae. And shall savour it as the Eels march towards the 2008 premiership.

Agree with Ken re Gasnier.

Graham Bell
Graham Bell
16 years ago

Couldn’t get through when I tried to post a fair comment about the Australia 2020 Summit on the RuddRLess blog.

Seems he has/they have imitated a well-known barrister’s blog and protected himself/themselves right out of any discussion. That’s fine by me – plenty of other discussions going on …. interesting ones.