Why oming? Why bother?

Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams on the result of the Wyoming caucuses – which split 61% to Obama and 38% Clinton.

“We are thrilled with this near-split in delegates and are grateful to the people of Wyoming for their support.”

Wyoming’s 12 delegates go 7 to Obama and 5 to Clinton.

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3 Responses to Why oming? Why bother?

  1. Geoff Honnor says:

    Well…in the obvious hope that the statement might assist in properly framing the ceaseless drive and electability of the uber-experienced, Great Irish Peace-bringer. It would be unthinkable to allow the erroneous impression to form that this was some sort of totally undeserved outright victory for the highly inexperienced one-term senator B. Hussein Obama, who, as far as we’re aware, isn’t a Muslim – at this point in time.

    “Senator Clinton was particularly thrilled to have done well everywhere in Wyoming, except BrokeBack Mountain. She congratulated Senator Obama on his overwhelming support in that district.”

  2. Geoff Honnor says:

    Sorry Nicholas. Not sure what happened there….


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