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Slow TV logoGood on the monthly for putting up videos of various things related to its flagship publication – the monthly mag.   But one request.  I virtually never look at videos on the computer.  I’ve got too much else to do.  So when I go to Ted if I want to listen to something, I’m grateful when they’ve posted an mp3 file.  But often they don’t. So I usually don’t go any further.  I’d like to check out the audio content of the Monthly’s audio-visuals, but don’t have time to sit and watch two talking heads.

I wonder if others agree.

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16 years ago

I gather you mean ‘Bed’ not ‘Ted’. I tend to listen to the Radio National programs I miss out on. ‘All in the Mind’; ‘Background Briefing’; Hindsight’; LNL and so on. I’ll also often turn on the laptop in the bedroom and watch an aviation doco, which isn’t really “talking heads” as you say, but does provide the mindlessness I find I need in order to stop my mind churning the days events.

An interesting side issue, Nicholas. I may well write more on it. Thanks.

The Worst of Perth
16 years ago

I don’t think Radio National quite realises that the podcasts ARE RN. It’s the live version that’s the minor partner. So many good shows at inaccesible hours now available, often in stereo. Indexes mean that you can skip what you don’t want and repaeat what you like. It wouldn’t bother me if they dropped the radio version completely and went all podcast.

I too have a very great resistance to watching video on the computer. Just don’t like it.

The Worst of Perth