The theory of developer’s sentiments  The last house that Adam Smith lived in – at Canongate – is up for sale.  And the local council may let it go to developers.  Oh cruel irony of ironies, the ultimate Adam Smith problem – a council that doesn’t know the difference between the Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations.

HT frequent commenter Patrick.

The significance of the picture?  None at all. I just found it looking for a picture of Adam’s house.  But it’s a nice picture don’t you think.  I like to think of it as Adam having a bit of a zoom around.  In fact it’s his Canongate neighbour and likeminded abolitionist the skating minister the Rev Robert Walker.

And it reminds me of a great song by Jethro Tull – skating away, on the thin ice of a new day.  For the lyrics of the song click here. For possibly the worst performance of the song ever, click here. I can’t find a really good performance of it on youtube – though here it is by the original authors live.  I guess you can find the beautiful studio version on Limewire.

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16 years ago

A great painting, by Henry Raeburn.