Tongs, tongs, tongs – out they go!

Download your Borders Coupon - 40% off one full priced book*Well books actually! But the heading above was the caption of an early Leunig cartoon – with the graphic being . . . yes, a tong sale. And remember, print the linked coupon out as many times as you like for separate book purchases.

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Ken Parish
Ken Parish(@ken-parish)
13 years ago


I had to edit out whatever the table etc was (it looked like it might have been a video), because it completely obliterated the sidebar in Internet Explorer.

13 years ago

My memory was that the sale was taking place at a “Tong Emporium”, a lovely phrase that has stuck in mind ever since. I rarely get a chance to use it, except at the odd BBQ where someone is searching for a pair of tongs.

Joshua Gans
Joshua Gans(@joshua-gans)
13 years ago

Nicholas, I have two queries about these coupons.

First, am I right in thinking that you’re linking to this for the benefit of firs-time Borders customers? Regular customers will mostly have been drafted to the mailing list and will be getting them anyway.

Second, what does this clause on the coupon mean:

One coupon redeemable per item per customer. Duplicate copies of coupons cannot be used in one transaction.

Obviously you can’t use two coupons for one item. ‘Per customer’ seems to mean that a given customer can only use one coupon in a transaction. But in principle, you could return to the queue and make a new transaction with another book and another coupon. Then there is the second sentence: I can’t tell whether it’s an additional condition, or merely a clarification of the previous one, so it’s just confusing. There is no difference, is there, between a second coupon and a ‘duplicate copy’ of the first, is there?

13 years ago

I initially thought the post was selling membership of Chinese organised crime rackets.